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Found 2 results

  1. Hey all, I need some assistance. My CS3e made a pop-pop-pop sound while out on the field. Situation was. Shot on the beach for a few hours. Then went inside car. We shot some stuff with doors open. Then we closed the doors. Then while we're recording some VO and wild lines, I hear some pop-pop-pop. Fast and intermittent. There were just three I think. I would attach a sample, but I can't find where it is. It was a pretty quiet sound. I'm sure it'd be audible though, once amplified enough. Is it preamp motorboating caused by the shift in humidity? Is it RF? I've often gotten a similar sound with the Schoeps, but I figured it was humidity or RF with that mike (it's a T-powered one so I expect it sometimes). Thanks, Sawrab
  2. Hi all, I have an older Sanken CS3e and I am picking up a lot of RF interference when it it held next to electrical appliances particularly florescent tube lights. There seems to be little to none Interference when the rear of the mic is pointing at a light but if the mic is parallel or pointing at the light then there is a considerable (completely unusable) amount of interference. We were using it along side a newer CS3e which didn't suffer from this problem, which leads me to believe that there is a problem with mine. I am aware that there is a modification for older CS3e, which I did, but it had no effect on reducing the amount of RFI I was getting. If the light is moved along the mic there seems to be a greater amount of interference at the front of the mic then the rear. I was just wondering if anyone else had suffered a similar problem with CS3e's. I suspect its going to have to go for a holiday in Japan! Many thanks Chris McQuillan
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