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Found 2 results

  1. I recently bought a brand new Delkin 32GB CF card for my 788t, and found this disturbing behavior: if the recorder is turned on while the card is already inserted, neither the internal HD or the CF card appear on the screen. It took us more than an hour of troubleshooting to figure out that the culprit was the card. After I tested the issue with all my other cards to confirm this, I went back to the vendor and asked for an exchange. We tried another card and, wouldn't you know it, we had the same issue. We looked for a card from a different batch - problem gone. In order to avoid this issue, look at the back of the packaging. At the bottom, next to the bar code, you'll see two sets of numbers: the problem card read thusly: "092415 1808737VQ". The card that eventually worked reads: "060115 1804778VU". Please talk to your vendors and make sure they look through their stock, and return the offending cards. Thanks, BK PS: This problem seems to be exclusive to the 788t, as these cards are approved both for the 7-series and the 6-series machines, but I didn't test it on my 664…
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm getting "Media I/O" or "Unknown Media" Errors on the 633 with these approved 16GB Delkin 700X CF Cards. I have two, and the 633 doesn't like either of them. I know KZ or VB numbers have issues, but both cards have the P/N: CF16AJZBR-XX000-P They worked for first few runs... but all of a sudden, do not. Tried recording straight tone, single ISO, mix, or both - Media I/O error under 3 minutes When I try to (re)format - Media I/O error or it locks up. The weird thing is both cards run just fine in my 664. Straight tone to mix, aux, and 6 ISOs for an hour. Any ideas? I could send these back but it just seems like my 633 doesn't like 'em.
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