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Found 2 results

  1. Hello,One of my location soundmen accidentally used an improper voltage setting on the power supply (powergorilla - used 16V instead of 12V). The unit powered up fine but we were not getting any input on any of the 6 channels, line or mic input. Upon checking the battery I immediately switched off the device. Set the proper input voltage setting (12V), but the unit would not power up - an error message keeps appearing - SYSTEM ROM ERRSwitched to the included 12V power supply, still the same SYSTEM ROM ERRAfter updating the Firmware to v1.31 the unit powered up okay.BUT I am still not getting any input on any of the 6 channels; MIC or LINE input; LOW or HIGH gain, phantom ON or OFF. I also noticed that I am now unable to change the DATE/TIME. Other than this, I am able to access all menu settings and record into the SD card. Although I'm just recording blanks.Lastly, I noticed that when I power down the unit - and then power it up a second time - I will get a SYSTEM ROM ERROR again. The third time I power it up the unit will power up fine, but all my settings (rec settings, pan settings, I/O, pre rec, etc) will revert back to settings similar to when the unit is INITIALIZED. Customer Support via official website is not responding to my inquiry regarding repairs. Local Tascam Distributor has yet to give me a call, (left them contact details.Is the input section fried? Will a busman audio mod fix it?Maybe a capacitor is busted somewhere that can be replaced?Has anyone had similar experience and found a way to repair this problem? I hope the unit is not beyond repair.Thank you,Bryan
  2. So I have recently purchased a DR 680 off a gentleman from this forum. My question is regarding the battery power. I am noticing that the batteries run really low really quickly (I had heard this is a problem with this particular unit) but when I pull them out and test them with a volt meter they all have well over 1.2v remaining. Some of them even up to 1.4... So what I'm getting is that the unit seems to think it's out of battery way before it is. Is there any real work around for this? Or do I have to keep replacing hardly used batteries? I do plan on getting an np1 style rig as soon as I can afford it but in the meantime I am stuck with the batteries. Cheers, Hugh
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