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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All, I'm in LA for work and have troubles with my Sonosax SX-R4. It doesn't start up after I just disconnected it from my Macbook Pro. It keeps hanging on the initialisation page (see included picture). Is there anything I can do to fix this myself? What could be the cause of the issue? Anyone ever experienced this? In the meantime I'm trying to get a hold of trew audio for support but I guess it's lunchtime. Thanks for any advice. Cheers, Arnoud
  2. Hey Guys and Gals! So I'm editing this feature and I keep getting "Video Engine was unable to stop." Error. I'm able to remedy it easily by closing the session and relaunching Pro Tools but it's damned annoying to do. It seems that it happens when I click into the timeline someplace, but my hand isn't perfectly steady, so I accidentally make a micro selection of a tiny tiny region. I went up AVID's support site found a few postings where others have been fuming about this issue not being addressed back even in PT11? I didn't want to waste my "1 per month" tech support ticket with AVID on an issue that is known and not yet fixed so I wanted to check if others are having this problem and possibly found a solution for this? I'm running PT 12.4HD native on a Windows machine. Thank you for any suggestions you have! John
  3. Today, when I powered on Cantar I got this message: Error Num 20 Delay 01000 It stayed on scren for a few seconds then proceeded to the usual "New Day?" Screen. Didn't notive any probs using it all day. Anyone know what this might be? Found no info on line or in manual. Thanks
  4. I just posted this in the <hat> forums but I figured I'd add it to the brain trust here on JW. Fortunately I asked to redo the take for other reasons! This happened to me today. I have the latest firmware, recording 24bit 48k .wav to a SanDisk SDHC 14GB card Class 4. I've never had a problem (that I know of). Last night I formatted the card for Fat 32 in disk utility and then formatted the card with SVEN in the 552. Today at the end of a take I heard what sounded like an intermod issue on my wireless (right channel) and, fortunately, asked to do that take again. When I was reviewing the files at home on my iMac I discovered that there was loud static on both channels during that portion of the take. After the static subsides you can hear a bit of that intermod in the right channel. I mention the intermod because I find it to be a huge coincidence and perhaps it isn't an intermod at all... Upon discovering the static in the duplicated files on my system harddrive, I went back to the card and listened from there to find the same issue. I then popped the card back into the 552 and found that the issue was present when playing back from the 552 as well. I then put the card back into the computer and opened Disk Utility. I ran Verify Disk and came up with the following screens (attached) I repaired the disk and re-copied the offending file but the static remains so this happened during recording. I'd be curious to know if anyone else was able to hear this problem in real time monitoring in Record Source? I was monitoring the Stereo Program. I'm also uploading the offending segment of the file to my Dropbox here: https://www.dropbox....segment.wav.zip In the meantime I'll be getting some new cards to use.
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