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Found 3 results

  1. Hi - I'm a post-production guy, specialising in sound effects and usually* working on bigger budget movies. I do as much field recording as possible - partly out of need and partly because it's good to get out of the studio sometimes - and record a lot of quiet nature ambiences, weather, birds, sea etc. Also crowds, urban spaces, public buildings and so on (often in stealth mode with mics/recorder in a bag). I own a pair of Rode NT55 and an SD702 which have done me pretty well for a while (usually in spaced omni mode), but yes; should really upgrade those mics. 😀
  2. Ludwig Koch and the Music of Nature How a boyhood hobby led to pioneering recording of the natural world Radio historian Sean Street tells the story of Ludwig Koch, who started recording sounds and voices in the 1880s when he was still a child. In 1936, Koch fled Nazi Germany and his recordings were later acquired by the BBC. His collection established the BBC's library of natural history sounds and he became a household name as a nature broadcaster. Koch's distinct German accent and eccentric location recordings became so well known that he was parodied by Peter Sellers. Koch's rec
  3. http://picnicdisease.bandcamp.com/ It's 38 minutes of a pump jack in Texas! I found this site Bandcamp that lets you upload semi-big lossless audio files and makes em available for free or paid DL. I uploaded just one track here, it's available free if any of you more esoteric users want to listen to 38 minutes of a pump jack in Texas. The story behind the recording is on the site. Betsy my boom op and I made over 8 hours of recordings during a road trip across Texas in 2007, this was one of our favorites. We decided to call our field recording outfit "Picnic Disease," and if an
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