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Found 9 results

  1. We have a lot of SRb units and they don't always ALL make it back to the mothership unless they have to. They always update the firmware when it goes back, but most of ours are still living on 1.2 or 1.3 and they've obviously changed a few things since then. We ended up getting a LectroLink adapter to do the updates ourselves and wanted to share our experience. Lectro has a couple guides, but you have to e-mail them and ask for them, as of 2.26.15 anyways. Anywho, see the link below if you're interested. http://blog.texassoundguy.com/2015/02/diy-lectrosonics-srb-firmware-update.html
  2. Hello I'm almost new on this forum, I'm an Italian sound mix. Now that Deva and Fusion are officially discontinued, I hope that Zaxcom not forget to update the firmware. I hope to find under the tree for my fuzion 12: Nverclip AutoMix Support for FP8 Trin indicators in the main display Compressor indicator in the main diplay Did I forget something? Someone has information about it?
  3. Finally! It's been announced for a while and we are happy that we now are ready to release it: The MAC updater for Lockits and Tiny Lockits. Additionally we aligned the different firmwares so that one updater tool will work for all recent and upcoming network ready products. Obviously, it took us longer than we expected and we hope that the new features now also available for Mac users will compensate for the latency. Get your firmware 3.11 now and add powerful new features to your devices. Firmware download page http://vimeo.com/71959025
  4. Hi to anyone with a Fostex DC-R302, Just a note that there is a relatively new 1.25 firmware update available for the Fostex DC-R302 at the Fostex Japan site here : http://www.fostex.jp/version_up/275 (The Fostex International site does not include this latest update - disappointing.) You'll have to use Google translate to see details of the update, but it does seem like an improvement from the previous version. Don't know if any Fostex reps frequent this group? Can I make a friendly suggestion? It would be most customer centric service if Fostex could ensure that all software updates also appear on the international site with dates and details of the updates, including previous update histories. This would be most appreciated and is usually standard procedure with companies who care about customer experience. Thanks very much :-)) Have a pleasant day. Cheers, Dave
  5. I try to find what is the last firmware update for the lectrosonics ucr201 receiver and does lectro still upgrading the 201 didn't find any firmware information on their site thank's Antoine
  6. Firmware 1.04 is available for the 664. Changes introduced in 1.04 include: New Digital Input Gain. Provides up to 50dB gain for AES42 or AES3 sources. Peak Only Meter option. Meter Peak Hold Time Off option. Fixes Metering freeze. Meters would stop moving and eventually result in a subsequent lockup. Faster formatting on SD cards. Improved performance for SD cards up to 32 GB in size. (Note: improved performance for cards 64 GB and larger will be addressed in a future firmware release). Lockup fix when rapidly connecting and disconnecting USB keyboards. Lockup fix on boot up with 44.1kHz sampling rate and Tracks L and R not armed. Lock up fix that occurring with tone and 44.1K sampling rates. AES signals measuring 3-4 dB high on L, R, X1, and X2 tracks.
  7. Firmware 1.03 is now available for download: http://www.sounddevices.com/download/664-firmware/full-detail/ New Tone Routing menu in System Menu; ability to choose whether tone goes to X1 and/or X2. Ability to name tracks directly from the Input Settings Screen Shortcut (METERS + RTN A) to switch frame rate and sample rate display on Meters view Added Headphone User-configurable Presets for a total of 10 Changes Internal battery warning threshold comes on below 5.5v instead of 6.0V. Added confirmation dialogue when loading default track names. Fixes Tone L-Ident not present in headphones. When tone is active, HP monitor is always internally monitoring LRST. Meter/Output Level discrepancies Rare lockup bug with tone generator
  8. Lectrosonics Announces Release of Venue V5.1 Firmware Talkback function for HH handheld transmitters among key features Lectrosonics, recognized the world over as a leading manufacturer of wireless microphone systems and audio processing products, is pleased to introduce the release of Version 5.1 firmware for the company’s highly acclaimed Venue Wideband modular receiver system. The V5.1 firmware provides an important enhancement that will be most beneficial to broadcast, location, and sound reinforcement professionals—the capability of a “TalkBack” function compatible with the newly introduced HH handheld transmitter. When the transmitter is set to TalkBack mode and the function is engaged (activated when the user presses the multi-function button on the HH transmitter), the audio will switch to a different, predetermined, XLR on the back panel of the receiver. This functionality enables the transmitter to control audio routing, which can be very useful for situations that require real time communication between talent, director, monitor engineer, or other band members. In order for the TalkBack functionality to operate on the Venue receiver, at least one empty slot (and, thus, an associated unused XLR) is required in the mainframe. If more than one receiver modules are installed upstream to the empty slot and set to TalkBack compatibility mode, they will share the next available empty slot as a TalkBack active output. In the event that multiple upstream receivers enter a TalkBack state at the same time, their audio will be mixed on the shared TalkBack output. Hence, it is possible to have multiple transmitters using a common TalkBack channel XLR. Karl Winkler, director of business development at Lectrosonics, commented on the new V5.1 firmware offering, “We've received numerous requests over the years for this kind of talkback functionality on our handheld transmitter. With the new HH handheld, we felt it was the perfect time to incorporate this feature along with the corresponding setup in the Venue receiver. So far, the response has been really great.” The latest version of the Venue firmware can be downloaded and installed by users via USB, by visiting http://www.lectroson...re-updates.html
  9. Hello all. New user here, first post. I'm very much looking forward to becoming a contributing member of JWsoundgroup. Before I begin, I'd like to say that I'm aware you all don't like re-posts, so please know that I did in fact search this site for the update I'm listing and wasn't able to find any information on it. I apologize if my search queries missed a previous post on this topic. I wanted to start by posting a piece of information for Sound Devices 552 users. In short, they've released a firmware update for the 552 (Version 1.4, released Nov. 3, 2011) which is available here. That's the gist of it. The long version is that I had a month-long issue with my 552 not recording properly to the on-board digital recorder. Symptoms were as follows: The 552 would fail to power on. When switched to internal power it would light the Return A/B lights, which would hold steady and no other lights would function. The unit would simply lock up an. This was with the unit being powered internally by Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries. When the 552 would power on, it would function properly up until I attempted to put the unit into Record mode, at which point the record light would lock orange without the tone that the 552 usually gives you, and all unit functionality would instantly stop. No more metering, recording, or operation of any kind after the lockup. Required forced power-down and startup to 'resolve' issue. As a note to the issue above, at one point, the 552 locked up per #2 above, and then failed to record audio after power up, even though it functioned as it should on the surface, meaning record tones and stop record multi-tones were working, SVEN was working, metering worked, the whole nine yards... except that audio playback of the files when dumped at the end of the day was corrupt, and the files would not play on any device (Logic Pro 9, iTunes, Mac file preview, etc.). All programs marked the files as corrupt, and they were not recoverable. As a note, the outputs of the mixer functioned fine even during this occurrence. This is why we record backups, right? So what did I do? First I called SD, and then wound up going through 4 different SD cards of varying sizes and speeds (and of 3 different makes just to be sure) two SD 552s and two firmware updates (one on each of the brand new 552s). All this after taking every tip/trick in the book from SD technical support. I spoke to Sound Devices technical support not less than 5 times, and on my final contact with them, their engineering department asked for my 552 in person so they could run diagnostics on the unit. I sent it back to SD in late October and received it back in early November, 2011. They sent my unit back with a note saying they replaced a part on the circuit board inside the unit that attached to the power switch, but as nice as they were, I'm not entirely convinced that they didn't just list that as a way to keep me quite a short while. Who knows, but really I don't care, I just want this box to work, and work reliably for a long time. What have I learned since then, and what might help you avoid these issues, you ask? The numbers below correspond to the first list above: I later learned that the 552 does not like rechargable batteries, even good ones. I now only use Duracel ProCells or standard 1.5v Duracel CopperTops when I run out of ProCells. This has almost entirely solved the power-on issue, but the unit has still failed to power on twice since it was returned to me. For those of you using external power/BDS, this of course won't apply. SD has issued a firmware update that reads, "fix - Improved transport control preventing semi-lockup conditions with some SD cards." Thank you Sound Devices (no sarcasm whatsoever). This also tells me that it wasn't my two separate 552s, and it wasn't any of my SD cards that were the issue, and it wasn't the part they fixed on my 552 circuit board, it was the firmware. Captain Obvious here, "Always record a backup." And, if you're recording stereo to the 552 ever, check your file integrity every now and then by replaying a file. Just as a precaution. I'd also like to be clear that my goal is not in any way to simply complain. My goal is to help inform 552 users that these were real world issues that happened to another sound mixer, and if they want to avoid them, they should consider updating their firmware at their own risk. Now this update seems to have worked so far for me. I just finished a 4-day shoot after the update, and so far not a single lock-up (knock on wood!). Everything smooth as it should go, except one power-up failure in 25 degree exterior weather with 20mph wind (fun times, fun times). I'll also say that SD technical support was as helpful as they could have been, considering my issue required a software update, and Linda at SD didn't charge me for the loaner 552 they provided me with to use while mine was being diagnosed as is their standard practice. They were also very easy to get hold of, very nice, and were all very understanding about my 552 issues. So again, no bashing just to bash, just information for 552 users. Happy updating. P.S. If your firmware ever fails to update, and SVEN doesn't recognize the new firmware on the root of your SD card, please use the following method given to my directly by SD: Insert the SD with the new firmware file in the root of the card (not a folder). Leave the unit powered OFF. Hold down the headphone volume button (press it down, as if you are entering 'Zoom' mode). While continuing to press the headphone volume button down, power the mixer ON and keep holding the button until you hear SVEN. This will force the 552 to search your SD card for new firmware.
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