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Found 2 results

  1. I have a Canare breakaway cable that I use to connect my SD 302 to camera. Recently, I've encountered a problem where one of the channels on the return will cut out. I had been able to fix it by jiggling the 1/8" return cable at the camera end, but that has stopped working. I unscrewed the housing and there doesn't appear to be any broken connections (though I'm no expert). There was also a broken connection at the 8-pin connector end of the camera end, but a friend soldered that back for me, which seemed to fix it. Has anyone else had this problem? Were you able to fix it yourself? What should I be looking for? Would it be better to just send it to Canare for repair? Do they even do that? Thanks for any help ya'll can give me! p.s. I've included a few pics, though you can't really tell much from them.
  2. I have several AKG blue line mic capsules and power modules and I'm running into an issue with my ck93 hypercardioid capsule. It loosened up, and when I screw it back together (see the 3 pieces in the pictures below) the signal becomes either very weak and hissy, or highly distorted noise. Wiring/soldering are not my forte, but I am led to believe that the three pieces are misaligned with one another. Does anyone know if this could be the case, and if so, what is the proper way to align/fix everything? Or could it be something else? I had the same problem with another 93 capsule and I somehow miraculously managed to get it to work again. I'm not having the same luck with this one (I'll also note that the middle piece in the one I fixed was red, while this one is yellow - I don't know if this signifies anything). The three pieces pictured below are (and please excuse the focus): the chassis/outer tip of the mic with the one peg inside, the yellow inner piece (which contains smaller pieces and what looks like a small circuit board on the front, it sits in the bayonet mount), and the ring which the yellow piece fits into, which is threaded to screw into the chassis, and has three holes, at least one of which is for the tiny grub/set screw. Thank you in advance for your expertise! -Ben
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