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Found 4 results

  1. Hey My Audio Brothers and Sound Sisters! Every 4-6 years I get bored with the sound of my headphones; I started last century with Beyers DT 48's , then Sony MDR 7506's , then Sennheisers HD 25's, Then Ultrasone HFI 560's, then Ultrasone 580's then Sennheisers again... you get the idea. My question for you is what is your fave headphone for mixing? Am I the only one whose ears get fatigued like this? Please give me some suggestions as to what your choice phones are....
  2. I have an SD 3-output portable headphone amp and was mulling over the idea of using it in my bag as an added distribution system to send signal to a camera hop (Senn G3 100 Tx) and IFB Tx (Lectro UM400A), etc., via attenuator cables. My initial test using the Sennheiser seemed to sound fine using a -25db attenuator cable. Has anyone here ever used a headphone signal this way? What are the pitfalls, if any? I like the idea of having the 3 additional, seperate and isolated output signals the SD amp provides that I can control so easily, but I'm not so familiar with the practical differences between line and headphone signal. Thank you, Marc Hlavaty
  3. Fine people of the forums, I was curious to know if any one out there in low budget land or else where has come upon a more affordable solution to providing headphones to Director an/or scripty than the standard comtek or zaxcomm IFB? I recently came across something that I thought I'd share and see who is with me on this one... I'm currently running Sennheiser RS160 wireless headphones. $150 on eBay then $100 per extra set of cans. Check 'em out here: http://en-us.sennheiser.com/wireless-headphones-digital-stereo-rs-160 Basically, you send a stereo feed to a 1/8" TRS mini-jack on a small Tx base station (runs on 2xAA not included) and it then sends that mix out to as many as 4 sets of cans. Each HP set has its own power and volume controls and the cans run on 2 AAA batteries (eneloop batteries are included!). So on a small indie set these have worked great so far. Range is stated at 60ft which doesn't sound like much but I have not run into any issues on range. There is an ever so slight delay though as it uses 2.4Ghz which is the same as WiFi. Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Please do tell!
  4. Hey Guys, I'm looking for the best way to do a headphone send from a 702, so the director can monitor as well. At the moment I'm thinking of taking a send from either the TA3 Master Out (using just L or R channel) or the Tape Out (not sure which would be better) to a Lectro LMa. This would then transmit to a Lectro R1a which the director would have his cans plugged into. Is this the best way to go about it? Would this even work? Do you have a better way I can do this? Any help is much appreciated! Cheers, Jo
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