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Found 4 results

  1. I have the MixPre 3 and Im looking for the most compact/cost effective way to power the unit. I know that there are at least a dozen ways to power the MixPre 3 from battery sleds to Hawkwoods HiRose/L Mount adapters Im trying to decide which would work best in my case. Does anyone have any experience with any of the solutions below, Im currently using a Samsung S8 phone charger connected to the MixPre 3. I'm a YouTuber mainly so Im not mobile but it would be great not to limit myself and be able to change position of the tripod occasionally or even go mobile if needed. I've listed the top solutions for my workflow which would choose in my situation if you have other options feel free to mention them. 4 AA Lithium Ion batteries for my current 4AA battery sled 30$/ $30 for AA battery charger (Runtime could be an issue) (Compact) MX-8AA - $65 + $40 8 Lithium Ion Battery + $40 AA battery charger (Runtime 4 hours unsure) (Compact solution) Hawkwoods L Mount $145 + $80 battery + Battery charger $60 (Doesn't look like it'll fit under camera lens if mounted together) Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C $65.99 (Difficult to mount on a tripod) (Cheap, good for mobile roaming) Anker Quick Charge 3.0 $12 (Needed to charge PowerCore+) (Great for stationary shooting)
  2. I am thinking of replacing the camera end of my hirose umbilical with a 10 pin XLR or possibly a 7pin XLR as they are more readily available here. I'm using a Nomad but I found a pin-out for the hirose 10-pn on the Sound Devices site (this is for their panel mount 10pin in the 552) 1 – L (+) output 2 – L (–) output 3–R(+)output 4–R(–)output 5–R(+)returnA 6–n/c 7–L(+)returnA 8 – n/c 9 – ground 10 – ground Question: Is that second ground really necessary. I not I could use a 7 pin XLR to carry 2 balanced XLR, a stereo return and a ground. I assume it is necessary as there are some unconnected pins, but if anyone could confirm, and/or explain why, that would be great. Many Thanks, B
  3. I need to make a cable for a Sony WRT-822- Hirose to XLR Male. Can anyone give me the pin wiring for this? Also, if there are any special considerations to take note of when making this cable that would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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