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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, First time poster long time reader. I have just bought my first Lectros- used 211/200c, three sets. I did a search of the forum, but couldn't quite find the issue I'm having. Search functionality was good though Here's what I'm doing, and the issue I'm having- hopefully someone can help me diagnose the problem. 211/200c w/ Countryman B3 (hot mic, extra crisp cap) into SD664. There's a noise/hiss which occurrs in unison with the syllables of dialogue/all transient sounds. The noise almost seems to 'gate', in the sense that it will only be audible with the passing of dialogue/transients. Very high end hiss/noise. I had this problem years ago in film school with some cheap Sony wireless, it was impossible to EQ out, it seemed as though the more top end you roll off, you just hear the noise in the middle of the spectrum. The level of the noise is not above the dialogue, it's well and truly 'back there' in the mix, but it's obviously there. The only thread I found which came close to this symptom was one regarding a compander issue where the entire program content was 'gating'... however this is not the case for me, it's simply the noise which gates in and out. It happens with all three Rx/Tx sets. I have only two Countryman B3s, and it's possible that one of the mics is less noiser than the other, but only slightly. Could it be an issue with Mic wiring? Or are my Lectros in need of a service? I don't think it's a gain structure issue, but will be very happily proved wrong. I've also switched out my leads running from Rx to 664, no change. Batteries are new and full 9V Duracell Procell (non rechargable). I am in Australia, the units came to me from Singapore, and are not the AU models. Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope. Cheers to all, and apologies to anyone who finds this topic has already been covered here. Travis Williamson
  2. Hi my union talent is at his wits end with the invisity, and I don't blame him. When it craps out with solid white noise, only pulling it out, twisting it again, and saying a prayer will give you an arbitrary bit of time before it craps out again. Inevitably during a take. I've tried Phonek's contact, technical support, their US 800 number, which only covers their transmitters, and even their facebook messenger. No response. I've also done the google search for this site as well as the production audio google group. I might add: we're on a stage not unlike a freight container. The top and all 4 sides are panels of leds and props, ribs of steel. Also, you might find it interesting to note that the earwig is measured to work 13 hours off a single battery. We were superstitious at first and swapped out the batteries. I've hovered the antenna within 15 feet of the user, while the transmitter remains anywhere from 20 to 30 feet from the talent, (and 40 feet from the antenna) depending on where in the tube the talent is standing. Also of interest, our mixer just walked the full set, touched everything, has kept it in for the last 35 minutes, walked out to our reception/holding, and workshop area, all of which is well outside the recommended range for the device, and the earwig hasn't acted up once. Our talent is not a particularly sweaty person, to the contrary, he's as buff as an astronaut. Intrigued? Read on: Hi, your FAQ contact is still throwing an error: Greetings! This will be the second time that I have submitted this inquiry. A few things I might add: 1) read the FAQ mentioning that occasional hiss is normal. I don't understand how a PTT system would make this better-we are using a shure mic sm58 with a PTT system going into a BST-25, and we still get a hiss. Pressing the button and talking again has not made the problem go away. 2) this is the second invisity that we have received and we are experiencing the same behavior. 3) we did do a frequency scan for our area and our mixer toasted the invisity this morning with the PC software-the next day clearly confirms that he picked a frequency that is permitted with the transmitter, but this is an area I do not fully understand. I think it was Channel 42. Can you help us choose a reliable frequency, and now that we have two units, would you recommend we use the same frequency on both, or use a separate frequency as a backup? Please do read the full description such that you know what I have tried or understand Technical Support: We are currently on-set with a union feature film. Our primary talent is experiencing full white noise static through an invisity received from a BST-25 Transmitter. When it happens, which is on average very 10 minutes, between rehearsals, etc, the peoples can be temporarily remedied by changing to the other gain setting or even turning it to the 0 position. But even in the 0 position, I have noticed that the static comes in. The sound masks all incoming signal, which we are sending through a dynamic microphone. That is, the signal does not interrupt the hiss. The bst-25 is on Channel 14 16.337 The antenna signal between the '3' and '7' The earwig is set to channel 14 216.3375 I am going from a sticker on the earwigs case. We toasted it to Channel 42 16075 Could you help me troubleshoot the static problem? We are using a Lectro SNA-600 antenna which I would be grateful if you could confirm my extended length for each arm to be 29.7cm. Is that correct? Thank you so much for your support, and I can reply with images and further details if I receive an email from you. All the best, James
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