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Found 4 results

  1. Is there a portable transmitter, that would work in a location sound bag, for Sennheiser IEM? Doesn't have to be stereo, though that wouldn't be bad. I'm guessing the Senn IEM's do not work with G3 transmitters, but have not had the gear to try. Thanks
  2. Hi friends, i just picked up a G3 IEM belt pack to use in conjunction with my other G3 equipment. Standard procedure for many of you. Now could someone explain to me why the frequency presets for band A on the IEM receiver do not match the presets for the EK/SK100 body packs in the same band? I realize we can program user presets, but really, did they have to do that? My apologies if there is an existing thread that covers it. My searches can up empty. Cheers Adam
  3. hey guys, I'm fed up with hiring IEMs and not really wanting to spend a few hundred pounds buying my own. I have two sets of EW100 G1's. How do you guys use them as reasonable sounding IEMs? Which attenuater do you use, which output would you use? And how do you achieve a dual mono sound - IE when plugging in some cans how do you send both a L+R signal. Usually a director I supply IEMs to isnt interested in the various channels I'm recording - they just want to hear the conversation over the sound of the road etc whilst looking at their round the neck monitor. Any help with exact accessories would be massively helpful Thanks guys Keep well Sam
  4. Warning, possible newb content: My first post here! I am in the market for some headphones. I am just getting into doing some boom work. I am primarily considering the Ultrasone Pro550s. These are excellent sounding and very comfortable. They come with extras and a case. I'll definitely go with these over something like the 7506's. My question is whether it would be beneficial to have open-back phones so I can hear the director etc. more easily or if its best to isolate my ears and focus on what the mic is hearing? If closed is the concensus then does anyone use high quality in-ears to avoid the sweat of a hot shoot?
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