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Found 2 results

  1. I find myself in situations where I have to interview people for documentaries within their environments. Which often have a lot of noises. Traffic, air conditioners, strong weather sounds - snow storms, rain, wind. Or are quite reflective. I have found that I have mostly gotten the best results using lavs, my guess is because the signal to noise ratio is good. However, I have only hired them, and I don't want to buy them because I really don't like the sound the produce at all. Plus the hassle of attaching them to people and the lack of speed associated with that. Another technique I am considering is to capture establishing shots with a boom mic, and then switching to something like a neumann tlm 102 to record the rest of the interview off camera. Do you have any techniques or equipment recommendations for me? In the documentary, lightweight, non scripted environment. I appreciate your thoughts.
  2. In a previous thread I mentioned how I was looking for an indoor mic. Now, my search has narrowed down to a few choices, and it's here I'm asking for some of your hands-on experience... I've rented only one of these, the others aren't available for rent in Toronto. There are many reviews on the MKH-50, Schoeps CMC641, and there are even some on the 8040 and 8050. What I can't find is anything on the OktavaMods and the Gefell. I'm particularly interested in the OktavaMods because of the price and because I'll get three capsules, but I'm willing to go all the way and buy a Schoeps CMC641 too (but only one capsule), if the OktavaMods don't prove to be the greatest decision. Choices in Toronto: OktavaMods MK-012-03 N/A for rent and can't find location sound-reviews either [*]MKH 50 Have rented it and I liked it [*]MKH 8040 N/A for rent [*]MKH8050 N/A for rent [*]Schoeps CMC641 N/A for rent [*]Gefell M210 N/A for rent Note: While I will have occasional access to an NTG-3, this will be my first location mic.
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