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Found 10 results

  1. Hey All, I'm looking for a solution to quickly dump a sound report from my 664 to my iPhone so I can email it off quickly at the end of my workdays. Research so far has led me to WiFi enabled SD cards, WiFi SD card readers and Lightning SD card readers. Currently I think my best potential solution is the WiFi enabled SD cards. It is smallest of the solutions. Most cards seem to have their proprietary apps you have to use to transfer files. Some, like the Eye Fi brand, only allow you to transfer photos and video from cameras. Toshiba Flash Air seems to allow all files to be transferred from their SD cards. Documentation on these products, their specs and transferring functions has not been the easiest to find. NOTE: I am well aware that these cards are not approved media- they would be used to quickly transfer a sound report from the CF to the WiFi SD then onto my iPhone. I am not looking to record successfully on said cards. So before I go blow some $$ on something that may not work, I thought I would ask you wonderfully helpful people here at JWSG: Has anyone had experience using this solution or these WiFi cards in a Sound Devices mixer for simply transferring files to their iPhone/mobile device? Does anyone have another solution that they successfully use to get sound reports to their mobile device in the field without lugging around a laptop? Thanks! Todd Steinhauer
  2. Hey does anyone know the legal issues with using iphone sounds on a feature? I have a fair amount of characters who are using iPhones in this film and I was hunting around for royalty free SFX to fill in the "text received", text sent, ring tone, picture snapshot sound, etc and was wondering about using apple's stock sounds straight from the phone? Are there legal issues with doing this? Thanks for any advice, John
  3. I came upon an ad for this easel for tablets and smart phones. It looks pretty good to me although I've seen it only in the pictures in the ad. According to the ad, it's made of metal; judging by the variety of colors available I expect it's probably anodized aluminum. It would need some velcro to be secure for use on a sound cart but I thought the integration of a battery supply was a useful feature, permitting use away from AC without taxing the battery used for the recording gear. At only a bit over $40, it might be worth a try. David https://www.opensky.com/vistashops/product/podium-style-stand-with-extended-battery-up-to-200-for-ipad-iphone-or-any-smart-gadgets?osky_origin=liveintent&osky_source=cpc&osky_campaign=vs-podiumstand&utm_campaign=vs-podiumstand&utm_source=liveintent&utm_medium=cpc
  4. Hey everybody, I´m trying to make a new app for iphone to log the sound reports. I know many of you use sound devices 788 or cantar and they have their on way. But if you are like me, working with smaller recorders (702), on smaller productions, you know there aren´t many options out there. I found the Sound Report app not so helpful when you have small amount of time to be watching your iphone in middle of the shoots and start making notes. I would like to create something where you make as few touchs to the screen as possible. Allowing you to log your report quickly and easy. I like to believe that these small details sometimes can make a lot easier our work. So i thought it would be cool if you could contribute with your ideas to make a great app!
  5. An iOS app that could be useful to sort out noises when fine-tuning on set equalization, notch filters, and so forth. (I'm sure there an applications for Android OS as well) "Spectrum Analyzer for iOS is a powerful real-time audio analysis app. Designed with musicians and recording engineers in mind, it can also be used by anyone interested in the world of sound. Ideal for room tuning or speaker tuning, the app enables portable, precision audio measurement and visualization." Available from Onyx (search the app store for Spectrum Analyzer)
  6. Hi I've been researching quiet a lot on wireless video solutions and found out that the Teradek Cube 155 might be the best solution there is at the moment for boom op. reality, documentary ect. It seems that the latency that there is, happens in the receiver (the iOS device). My question is: with the so much faster processors and wi-fi parts in the latest models, compared to the earlier, iPhone 4, iPad1 ect, Does anybody know the latency when the Cube is used as a stand alone device with a direct connection to the latest i-devices? And is it possible to use it with audio, as IFB? or are there still a lot more latency when sound is being embedded to the wi-fi signal? Will the use of more than one iOS device on the same Cube 155 signal increase the latency? I hope that there is some users out there that knows about this. Thank you very much
  7. every time i have upgraded the os on my ipad 1 i have noticed a resulting overall slowness in the browser. it has recently come to my attention that the upgrades are tweaked for the processors of the newest ios devices and running the upgrades on older devices results in problems. when this occurs the natural solution would be to downgrade to the previous ios and resolve the problem. however, apple does not allow that and while it has some good reasons to do so the downside is that many devices are forced into obsolescence. there are workarounds for these problems and they are sometimes specific to the ios versions you have on your device, but, from what i have been reading, apple is making it increasingly difficult to downgrade unless (in most cases) saving files using specific software and then jailbreaking to restore the previous os. luckily ipad 1 is running 5.1.1 so needless to say i wont be upgrading. i also deactivated notifications, messaging, email, location, etc and the thing runs pretty well. this will most likely be the last apple product i will buy. obsolescence is a given in this day and age, but when a manufacturer exceeds its authority in helping the process along i say 'include me out.'
  8. I think there was a thread, or a tangent on a thread, but I can't find it, so..... What are the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch apps you have found useful for work? Not time killers, but actually useful. My phone is currently a Droid (till next iPhone is released), but I have an iPad too, so I might be missing some apps. Offhand the ones I know about, and find useful: LectroRM FreqFinder I'm dabbling with Sound Report Writer for run+gun bag work notes that I would otherwise scribble on paper. Specifically jobs that issue a 744T and I don't have my Fusion. On my iPad, I have the Denecke and Ambient TC apps. I have not gotten/made the cable yet, so I have not really tried them out yet. anything I am missing out on?
  9. The latest version of Apple's development tools for iOS does not support armv6 devices. This means that I can't easily build for both iOS 6 and iOS 4.2.1 users. These are the devices that will be affected: iPhone 3G (not 3GS) iPod Touch 2nd Generation I can try to figure out a work around (not that there necessarily is one), but I wanted to hear from people still using those two devices. I may have to drop support for them. -James
  10. I came across this device and wonder is anyone else using it. The kit includes the dictaphone-shaped transmitter and reciever (working with 1/8 inch jacks). Also includes the 30pin-connector-transmitter for iPhone/iPod/iPad which you see in the foreground. The other thing u see in the box is a USB power adapter. The battery life doesn't look amazing and it works in the 2.4GHz band, so not ideal for IFB, but could be great for music playback. Anyone have thoughts, or anyone using it?
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