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Found 1 result

  1. Litigation is once again the topic of the day. I see from https://search.rpxcorp.com/litigation_documents/12428564 that Zaxcom has decided to sue Lectrosonics over the PDR unit claiming infringement of their U.S. Patent No. 7,929,902, 8,385,814 & 9,336,307 all entitled “VIRTUAL WIRELESS MULTITRACK RECORDING SYSTEM.” Members here I imagine will likely naturally take one side or the other. Personally, I am a former Zaxcom and current Lectrosonics and Wisycom user. I am a supporter of patents as they offer much needed protection to innovators and inventors when used in the correct manner. However, my own view (which I am aware others will disagree with but we are in a democracy with freedom of speech so lets keep things civil) is that this patent is far too broad and should never have been issued in its current form as it is stifling the industry and advances in radiomic technology. Like many, I see recordable transmitters as a natural evolution of the humble radiomic and would like to see other manufacturers (I know Audio Ltd already have a working system available outside of North America) adding features such as this to their equipment ranges. I was hoping that following the launch of Superslot the industry had seen the light and would work towards a greater open-standards (or at worse cross-license patents for the benefit of the end user). This clearly shows those days are not yet here. This topic last came up with Zaxcom sued Tascam over the launch of their DR10's. Tascam withdrew their product from North America rather than enter a lengthy and costly legal battle (who knows what Lectrosonics will decide but my guess is that they took legal council prior to launching the PDR) so to my knowledge this patent has never been tested in an actual court. Questions for the group are: 1.) Would you like to see Zaxcom, Lectrosonics, Wisycom, Audio Ltd create an open standard or cross license their technologies for the benefit of end users? 2.) Does anyone know if Zaxcom offer a license for their patents (Recordable transmitter)? If not, why not? 3.) Does anyone know if Lectrosonics offer a license for their patents (Digital Hybrid)? If not, why not? Finally, let us have a sensible discussion about this and the wider topic of open standards and NOT drag this thread down with inappropriate language or insults please!!
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