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Found 3 results

  1. Has anyone has serious issues with the LCD screen on their 664? I turned mine on a couple days ago and the screen was almost monochromatic. The color was intermittent, then red lines started to cover certain parts of the screen. The issues hasn't repeated it's self since then, but I'm sure it'll just give out while working on set if I don't get it fixed. Unfortunately, my mixer about 5 months OUTSIDE of the 2 year warranty and Sound Devices won't cover the cost of repair or the parts. I'm curious if anyone has had similar issues? Pictures are attached. Thanks! Damen
  2. hello, So I just received my sound devices 633 and it is amazing! But when I was playing around with it I noticed that there are two tiny tiny pixels which are bright in colour when background is black. I did some research and found out that they were stuck pixels and atm I dont know if I should send it back to the shop which will probably take a week before they can send another one back to me if they approve that its a stuck pixel etc. Should I just keep it or get a new one? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Here's a photo of it. The other pixel is so small the camera cant even pick it up lol. http://i.imgur.com/5v0twrs.jpg Cheers!
  3. Chinhda is developing a custom sub-frame for a client. The concept is a self-contained module with all the essential components in one box that could be affixed to a cart or used independently. Monitors will be mounted in the doors seen in the photos here. We want a latch that would hold the doors securely closed but, because of the need to fit the whole business within a standard Pelican case, there is very little extra room to fit additional hardware. Using a magnet to hold the doors closed is an obvious solution. But, we've hesitated because the magnets would be so close - an inch or less - to the monitors. These are LCD monitors so my research and my experience tell me that we ought to be OK, that magnets distort and harm cathode monitors but not LCD. Still the magnets would be a permanent part of the LCD monitor environment. What is the experience of the group on this question? Thanks. David
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