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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, anyone have experience with the listen tech receivers? I use a comtek 216 system and was tossing around the idea of adding some LR-400 receivers to the mix as they appear to be compatible but I have zero experience with them. I am happy with the pr-216 receivers as they are tough and reliable but the Listen Tech gear has a much lower price tag. Thanks
  2. I have a question to pose to anyone who has experience with Listen Tech assistive listening equipment particularly the LT-700-216 Portable Display RF Transmitter (216 MHz). I own this transmitter and a couple of 400 (216 mhz) receivers and found them to be a bit on the low end sounding and sometimes a muffling sound to them. Now, I know these are not as comparable to Comteks or Lectro IFB's but I was wondering if maybe there is something I can do to enhance the quality a bit or maybe I am connecting this wrong. I've tried a few ways to do this. I currently own a Zaxcom Nomad and sometimes I output via the tape, mono, or even the HP2 output off of the recorder. The unit supposedly allows a line or mic level and I adjust accordingly depending on the output used. On top of the LT700 unit it says "mic" on the input. I use a standard 3.5mm cable male to male. Now, I wonder if maybe the cable could be an issue but I've tried other 3.5 cables and still the same sound. Listen Tech suggests using their LA-263 Line/Microphone “Y” Cable but it just seems like a standard cable Y mini to RCA and mini female which really wouldn't work for me. It's not like the jobs I do currently they complain but I listen to it and I'm not 100% happy. It's not complete trash but I'd like to know if maybe I need to get a better cable. Yes, I know I probably should invest in whole other system but that's gonna have to wait since I already made a major purchase with a new recorder, bag, mics and some wireless. A new Comtek systems (216 mhz) is around $1000 and yes used are cheaper. I'd really just like a suggestion or 2 one just enhancing a tad this system until I can get some dough to by a Comtek or IFB system. I know you will have or need more questions since I am sure this post is not enough info. ​Thank you regardless JWSOUNDERS.
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