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Found 6 results

  1. Firstly, these are the locations where the live concerts and recording jobs would take place: #1 #2 #3 As you can see, if we were to arrange the main microphones in the middle of the concert hall, this would detract from the perception of the audience. However, apparently, I can't punch holes in the walls of these rooms for microphone hookups, which would result in a huge claim for money and my expulsion from school So, my current idea is to use a pair of very tall microphone stands (such as K&M 20811), place them at the very edge of the venue, and then use a wire and suspend the microphones in the air. I probably need to modify a microphone cage based on the stereo bar I have now for easy installation on the wires. And need a pair of pulleys to transfer the wire onto the high stands (somehow looks like a fishing pole?), also the Microphone cables may need to tied with the wires. Has anyone here used a similar approach? What issues should I be aware of when using a similar approach? I would greatly appreciate any advice you can offer! Sincerely, Koyama_P
  2. Curious if any of you guys have found any unexpected "household" items that can be repurposed somehow for live sound applications (ie. on the road, in the shop, load in, etc). Always on the look for useful hacks! Thanks
  3. Hi I'll be shooting a scene in which there will be a band jamming, and there'll also be dialogue happening between other characters in the shot. How would you go about doing this? Would you just have the band mime, and then record and add their music in post? What about drums and singing? That might be harder to mime than guitars. I'm not sure if the scene will be a one-shot or have cuts yet. I suppose if it has cuts, then playing/recording live music is out of the question. If I have to record the band live there, then how would I mic the instruments without the mics being seen? Whiplash is a film that had a lot of this. How did they do it? Thanks so much! Faiz Z
  4. Hello world! Look where are we living! http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/HDEV/ Black Image = International Space Station (ISS) is on the night side of the Earth. Gray Image = Switching between cameras, or communications with the ISS is not available. No Audio = Normal. There is no audio on purpose. Add your own soundtrack.
  5. Hey everybody, Happy New Year to all! Now 2013 is buried I was wondering what was some of your favorite gigs during that year and perhaps you could share them. Also, what are you hoping (sound wise) or looking forward to specifically in 2014. Take Away Phoenix: This has been online for quite a long time now and I can certainly say this work was one of my 2013 highlights. It is something, with the other sound engineers involved, that we're very proud of and I hope you'll like it. Basically, it's a Take Away show with the band Phoenix and it has some pretty particular things going on: we got to record them on their tour plane and with a drone in the gardens of the Versailles Castle... We also had a couple fun ideas with the mixing: can you spot them? I won't spoil it all, but if you're interested I would be glad to know if anyone ever shot/recorded sound on a plane before. Cheers!
  6. Did anyone watch The Sound of Music Live on NBC last night/have any insight on how the sound was recorded? Definitely sounded like lavs, but I wonder about placement, how they dealt with costume changes, and playback. Watched the behind the scenes doc, but as usual there was not a single mention of the production sound crew. Just curious what folks thought over here. -Michael
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