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  1. Hey Guys, Finally, This is the second of the AO bags to go through the redesign process. Of course this bag is obviously very similar to the previous AO-1.5, the main change is the internal dimensions of the bag. Its the smallest of the AO bags. A lot of enquiries about the handles, pockets and modular sides have been brought up. I am dealing with quite a few requests for custom variations of the bag. I'll be sure to post pictures of these custom requests. Also, If certain customer adaptations or changes prove to be popular, then more than likely, that may well be an adaptation that can be permanently made to the factory stock AO. Thank you again for all your input and suggestions. 2.9lbs Empty, no strap. W11 x D5.5 x H6 The main changes from the old AO-1 are: Large access flap on back. (Media/Battery) With attached external pocket. NP1/BDS/transmitter pockets on both sides. Boom rest/headphone pouch/flask pocket on right. NP1 Velcro locks on each side. Metal harness attachment rings each side. Smaller compact collapsible front pocket. Accessory storage in front pocket. Interior copper colored lining. Longer carry handles. Longer vinyl cover. Double layer vinyl pocket for small equipment. Boom-pole attachment point. 2 x Solid dividers. http://www.portabrace.com/products/audio/organizers/923-ao-1x
  2. Hello all, Doesn anyone know the pin config (or schematics if not simple pin to pin connection) for the link cable to join together 2x Wendt X5 mixers? "The 5 pin connector marked LINK allows two X5 mixers to be cross-linked which yields a full 10 channel mix with 8 line outputs". Thanks, Stephen
  3. Hi. I have 2 PSC Promix 6. I like it so much. I wonder why it was discontinued. I'm looking for articles about it but couldn't find one. Anybody knows why? Thanks.
  4. I'm on another shoot, so I can't make the flight from Portland. It's for a sports documentary tv shoot about a football team. Please feel free to text me at 503-891-0075 or email me a pwilcox06@gmail.com 4+ channels wireless, mixer and recorder, timecode and boom. I'm shooting tomorrow, so no calls please. Thanks.
  5. Hello, Everyone!!! My name is Scott Harnell and I'm in the beginning stages of a career in production sound for film and television. I've been doing my homework (read Location Audio Simplified and Location Sound Bible, as well as lots of posts on the JWSound forums) and have started slowly putting together my kit. Now, I'd really like to gather first-hand experience from a seasoned professional. So far, I've worked on two professional gigs. The first was the official webcast of the Formula Drift event at Road Atlanta last year and the second was a documentary on the Atlanta Police Department's first sketch artist. At the Formula Drift event, I helped load and unload all of the gear, ran and gathered cable, placed spot mics for tire and engine noise, and was essentially a PA and sound utility in one. My experience on the documentary had me sitting solo at the sound helm, wiring the subject with a lav, and mixing. If you'd like some help, I'd love to assist you on any of your future projects in any way possible. I'd be willing to load and unload gear, get your coffee, check your batteries, wrangle your cables, or just be a gofer. If presented with the opportunity, I'd be most professional, invisible/silent, and make it a point to never be in the way, seeking only to facilitate a smooth and efficient shoot. If you could use some help, or would want to get some coffee or lunch to see if you'd be interested, please feel free to reach me at 404-218-3155 or scottharnell@gmail.com. Thanks in advance!
  6. Currently I have been helping out a friend of mine by recording audio for his films. I use a Sound Device 552 mixer with a zoom H4N. So my question is: Other than a Sennheiser 416 and ME66 or Tram TR50 as a lav. What other mic's should a sound mixer have?
  7. New Sound Devices 664 Firmware (v2.00) is now available!! Changes include: *Added new Input Mode menu allowing ability to switch a 664 without a CL-6 connected from standard 6-channel / 10-track mode to expanded 12-channel / 16 track mode. *Added new Meter Views menu in the System Menu. Provides 3 user-configurable Meter Views, Meter View 1, Meter View 2, and Meter View 3. Meter Views are toggled by pressing the Meter button. *Ability to turn off individual Meter Views so that user can choose whether to display 1, 2, or 3 Meter Views. *Added LR (Wide) Meter View options for easier to read mix tracks. *Added new PFL Mode menu allowing ability to switch PFLs between Pre-Fade or Follow ISO Pre/Post-Fade routing. See a video about the update here: http://tinyurl.com/nsrwqm6 You can download the update here: http://tinyurl.com/pyv5plo Anyone had the update yet? What do you think?
  8. i am trying to sync 2 788t's. not linked together. Ive read through the manual numerous times and came up empty. ive searched on the internet to no avail. starting to get frustrated with this. I have a lemo to bnc and a standard bnc cable. Set my master to Freerun and slave to rx ex. didnt work. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. ced
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8PQ1vcTaoI
  10. Hey There, I have a Professional 442 Mixer and a Korg MR-1000 - 1-Bit Professional Digital Mobile Recorder for $1500 OBO. 1-bit Future-Proof Recording 40GB Internal Drive XLR/TRS Combo Inputs XLR and RCA Outputs USB Port Specs Here for the Recorder: http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/mar07/articles/korgmr.htm http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/485879-REG/Korg_MR1000_MR_1000_1_Bit_Professional.html Mixer is included as well! Thanks for your time and have a great day! Nick Text or e mail 323-456-3580
  11. Hi all! If you are looking to fill any position in the sound department for any production in NYC or nearby, look no further! I'm available to work as a mixer, boom op, or third. I graduated from NYU with a degree in Music Tech, taking many classes in film production and film sound, as well as working in over 20+ student films mostly as a mixer or boom op. While at NYU, I was mentored by production sound mixer Chat Gunter. I now have a few years of experience in production sound under my belt, and before that, many more in music recording as a recording and mixing engineer. If in need of equipment rental, I own a nice kit, including Sound Devices 302 Mixer, Zaxcom Nomad 10 Mixer/Recorder, Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun mic, pair of AKG Blueline modular microphones, and Sennheiser wireless. I have superb work ethic, which some have claimed to be second to none! Looking forward to meeting and working with you!
  12. Hi all. So i've been working for a facilities company for the past 6 years, and im finally making a break for it and going freelance. I've been trying to sort out a basic kit package to get me started, and would be grateful of any advice. . I would love a 664, but i dont think my budget would stretch to that. I feel it would be a better investment to buy some decent radio's (audio 2040's or Lectro's) with a second hand mixer, than buy a 664 and have to either rent radio's every day, or settle for g3's that im really not a fan of. I already own a 416, cans, accessories and a bucket load of cabling, so my question is this; I can get a second hand SQN IVe for around £1k, but would need an external recorder to go with it as i often do a wireless hop to cam and need a back up recorder. I was thinking of a Tascam HD-P2, but i have no experice with this recorder. I like the idea of being able to record timecode along with the audio files. Does anyone have much experience with this set up? Or what other portable recorders would you recomend? The problem with the SQN is that i do not have the flexiabilty in output levels that i would with a sound devices mixer Or i could go for a Sound devices 552 second hand, for around £2.5k. This would save me having a seperate recorder in the bag, but to record timecode i would have to just record a mono mix and TC on the other track... is this true? I also like the direct out's on the 552 for cases when i need a multi track recorder (rented 744t). But again, i have never used a 552, i have only used a 664. Any help or advices is much appreicated Thanks Alex
  13. Hey guys, Just wondering which among you do sound reports manually with pen and paper or do them electronically with a laptop, iOS device, etc. (or who doesn't do them at all? I.E. OMB? Reality Shows? etc.) Also wondering how often you put a reference tone file (-20dBFS) in the daily folder for post? Is this still needed usually? Thanks Guys!
  14. Hey Guys, Thought I would share this crazy story. I was shooting a reality show for Much Music in Banff, Alberta and the director approached me the morning of with a crazy request (as per usual). He wanted to have the contestants start at the top of this hill and go tubing down to the bottom delivering lines. I thought it would be a great chance to try out my Lectro SMVs at 250mw. The talent was about 150 meters away at the top of the hill and I had to pull my 411s out of the bag to get the antennas higher up but as you can see from the picture, pretty much full RF the whole way down. Great work Lectrosonics!
  15. Hello all, I have been in contact with some local Bay area sound mixers under the "available for work" board and it seems like a Sound Mixer's gathering is in order. I will do my best to promote and organize this event, but please feel free to direct other sound mixers local to the Bay area here to RSVP. Here are the details! Location: Amsterdam Cafe 937 Geary St (between Larkin St & Polk St) San Francisco, CA 94109 When: Friday, January 11 /2013 @ 5pm. Cost: Free to enter, drinks billed individually, Cash Only. Additional Details: I will have name tags available so that we can identify each other. Also, some shirts and caps should be available for free from Pro-Sound! Thanks and I hope to meet all of you soon! Paul Dorough Email: paulsoundart@yahoo.de Phone: 4154507729
  16. Nov 23, 2012 - 5 hours of plane landings at San Diego International Airport, layered and composited into a 30-second video. The horror.
  17. So I just picked up a projectmix i/o for my studio and was wondering how others place their mixer in the perfect position so that they have easy access to the faders, buttons, and such. Any suggestions/pictures? I was thinking about an articulated arm or something that can swing in and out but I wondered how practical that might or might not be, soooo, I turned to the forum to see what others did to make it work better for themselves? Any and all suggestions would be very much appreciated! John (jgbsound) Oh and happy holidays to all!
  18. I'm the "documentarian" for our garden club. Used to shoot just photos of guest speakers, I now want video. I have a Canon Vixia HF G10, but like anything, if I want to get the speaker, I'll need a mic. Since we do hands-on work in our field (sometimes IN a field), I'm looking at a wirelessa lav mic kit. Second, I'd like the presenter to also take questions from the audience, so now I need a handheld mic. Third, I have a Rode shotgun mic that I use for my children's school performances, I can use this for background. Lav, handheld, stereo shotgun: that's 4 channels. Budget: $500 $1000 $1500 (firm) This is MY mad money and I'm at the level of pain and doubting my sanity at this point. Turns out, anything kit below $600 has just enough detractors to tell me that I need at least a Sennheiser G3 set-up. Some reviews even point to the Sennheisers specifically. Here's where I am (at B&H): Sennheiser ew 112-p G3 Camera Mount Wireless Microphone System with ME2 Lavalier Mic - A (516-558 MHz): This gets me a Lav Mic, a transmitter and a receiver. Sennheiser ew 135-p G3 Camera Mount Wireless Microphone System with 835 Handheld Mic - A (516-558 MHz): This gets me a handheld mic with a built-in transmitter, and a reciever. Rolls MX124 Portable 4 Channel Stereo Mixer Converters for the 1/8" plugs to go into the XLR inputs of the mixer. Questions: 1) Did I do okay with my shopping list? 2) B&H sells Sennheiser ENG kits with one receiver, a lav + transmitter, and a handheld XLR transmitter plug. That's two transmitters with only one receiver. Am I missing something? Wouldn't this just result in a pile of crappy clipping of the handheld plug and the lav are transmitting on the same frequency? I'd need to buy another receiver and a mixer if I wanted to use both sound sources with such a kit. Right? I'll post links to all the products in question in a reply.
  19. Hi everyone... I'm currently taking a break from Production Sound Mixing and am pursuing some other opportunities so right now I have a lot of Audio Gear available for rent... I will beat any rental house pricing by 20% on similar gear. I am located in Burbank, CA so local pickup can be made or will also ship if need be. Below is a list of most of my primary gear... Feel free to ask about any smaller accessories that I may not have listed here yet probably still have. Also check out my personal website www.jonahguelzo.com for the gear list again, the kind of work I do as well as further contact info. Production Sound Mixing Equipment: Tascam HS-P82 Tascam RC-F82 Tascam DR-100 MKII 2x Timecode Buddy Wifi Master Timecode Buddy Tx 2x RED Epic/Scarlet Timecode Cables 3x Lectrosonics UCR 205D Kit Lectrosonics UCR 210D Kit K-Tek Aluminum Traveler Pole 7ft. Boompole w/ Internal Cable K-Tek Graphite Fiber 25ft. Boompole w/ Internal Cable Rode NTG-3 (shotgun mic) 2x Oktava MK-012 (small diaphragm hypercardioid mic) 2x Tram TR-50 Lavalier Microphone 2x Lectrosonics m152 Lavalier Microphone Rode Blimp System Rode PG2 (pistol grip) Rode WS6 (shotgun Mic Softie) Rycote Invision 6 (mic suspension mount) Rycote BBG w/ Windjammer (pencil mic windshield kit) Comtek IFB Kit (1x Transmitter, 1x Receiver) ATS RAM Boompole Cradle (boompole mount) Sony MDR-7506 Studio Monitor Headphones 2x Sony MDR-V6 Studio Monitor Headphones Sennheiser HD201 Studio Monitor Headphone 2x Sony MDR-G45LP Around Ear Headphones XLR Cables (3-50ft. in length) External Power Distrobution Setup with 4x NP-1 batteries and NP-1 Cups In addition to what is listed above... I also have: BeachTek DXA-SLR PRO (XLR audio adapter for DSLRs) ~ Enables one to get the highest quality audio into the widely used DSLRs... This is BeachTek's flagship model. RODE STEREOMIC PRO RODE VIDEOMIC PRO QUE Audio SNIPER Shotgun audio Kit (Que Audio's Pro "mini" shotgun mic with accessories) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In addition I also have Porta Brace Harnesses/OTS Bags etc for appropriate gear as well as lots of additional accessories that I've chosen not to list. So if it's not as big of an item and not listed, feel free to ask. Call anytime and we can discuss your needs and pricing. I'm not using my gear right now so benefit by cheaper rental rates! e- jonah@jonahguelzo.com phone- 434-444-5225 Regards, -Jonah Guelzo
  20. Hi everyone I have been in the look for a new mixer for the cart. I have been using a rental CL-9 and was thinking on buying one. But i hate the fact that i have to loose an iso for a talkback mic. So i'm thinking that if i'm going to loose an iso, at least i should gain better preamps and outputs, so i'm looking into an external mixer, like a cooper or audio developments. But i have seen a lot of people using the yamaha 01v96, or sonosax or similar. I would love the extra channels and outputs and all, but i'm just wondering, how do you power it on the cart? They only accept 120-240v, so do you use an inverter or similar? Thanks a lot Diego
  21. I am building my cart and after seeing many people using the yamaha 0196vi as their front end I have decided to use the Midas Venice F as Midas offers far superior audio products to Yamaha and far superior features. Primarily because I like Midas Preamps and because I like the idea of firewire and analog direct outs instead of USB as in the o196vi. My question relates to powering these AC behemoths. I will of course be running on 12 volt DC cart power from my Meon. Is there an efficient way to convert DC to AC for the mixer? I would think that the midas console actually uses DC power internally and converts the AC input to DCinternally. Is there a way to bypass its AC-DC converter and go straight in as DC? Seems silly to convert power twice, that being said does this have any drawbacks (as in are power inverters efficient?). How have other mixers solved this problem when using gear that is designed to be plugged to AC. I have already asked the guys at Midas about it but hoping for some insight from you guys too. Chris
  22. Missed the Zaxcom Nomad Seminar with Jack Norflus back in August? A video of the 3-hour event is now available to view online, complete with a thorough look at the Nomad's hardware, software features, integration into the Zaxcom line of products, and Q&A with the audience. After the Q&A in Part 2, Glenn Sanders unveils the Zaxcom Maxx: an ultra-compact digital mixer with built-in recorder and transmitter. Enjoy! Part 1 Part 2 -Cory
  23. The video of last week's 664 presentation with Jon Tatooles is now available to view online. In two 45-minute parts, Jon gives us an in-depth look at the hardware and user interface of this powerful new tool, and takes questions from our audience. Part 1 Part 2 Enjoy! -Cory
  24. This is my first post on JWS and I was hoping to get some help on a couple of out of town shoots I have coming up. The first stop is Dubai, and I was wondering what kind of luck people have had shooting in Dubai and what Blocks they have had success with. The next place is Bergen, Norway and same question. Thanks in advance for your help!
  25. I'm directing my first feature in late Dec/early Jan, and still looking for the right person to handle sound. The ideal candidate should be Brooklyn/NYC-based and have his/her own gear. Though we're shooting on a relatively minimal budget, I've set aside a decent amount of money for sound. Send a list of your past projects w/links and an equipment list if you want to be considered for this project: derick@fstopimages.com Thanks, Derick
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