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Found 1 result

  1. Hi there, I am currently trying to figure out the best and most cost effective audio system setup for my 1 man crew doco shoot (Run and gun setup in a sense but not super fast paced) and am keen to get some advice on the best setup suited for my shoot.. Please excuse my lack of knowledge, I come from a post production background and am just moving into doing my own shooting. There are two main presenters who 90% of the time need to be simultaneously mic'd up with lav mics. And there will often be a third person/talent that needs to be mic'd as well but I am using the Sony Fs5 so only have the 2 xlr inputs and would preferably like to have an on camera mic too. Apparently dual receiver would be off the cards for the presenters as they don't work with our frequencies in New Zealand??? So I was thinking it would be perfect to have a system as follows below (if possible): - 3x lav mic's on talent, each with own recorders clipped on their pants etc recording audio/TC to SD cards like the zaxcom systems. - Wireless monitoring of all 3 lav mic's simultaneously for myself... Am I dreaming here? Can you only monitor 1 at a time? If possible what equipment does this require? If I can’t monitor them all simultaneously, then I may need to just plug the two presenter mic’s into the camera and I will need an additional recorder of some sort for the 3rd lav but I would not feel overly comfortable/safe not being able to monitor the guest mic. I also don’t want to over complicate the system. - Then have a top mic plugged into xlr on camera for general sound/atmos/backup and sync zaxcom (or whatever system) mic's to this in post id any TC drift. Is this possible or am I going at it the complete wrong way? If not what is the best/most cost effective solution? I’m aware it could probably solve all my issues having someone else to handle sound for me with a mixer etc.. but due to budget constraints its not really an option. Appreciate all advice. Cheers, Tom
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