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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, Just about to receive my Neumann 191 and had a thought about the bulky matrix box that comes with it. Is it required to encode/decode MS or can I plug straight into my 633 and do all the matrixing through my recorder? Seems like a hassle to carry the box around unless there is a better benefit to the box I don't know about. Thanks!
  2. Hi, this is my first post in this forum I'm interested in recording some surround ambiences and I was researching the techniques, that I can record with my equipment. Has anyone any experience rigging rsm191 and neumann km140 for a double m/s surround recording. Are there any holes or phase problems?
  3. I really like it live for vocal. Except for the weight and somewhat bulkiness, it has everything on paper (supercardioid, some bass roll off, internal pop filter and capsule rubber mount, almost no handling noise) for a good indoor boom mic . Anybody has experience with it in that situation? If yes what mount do you use?
  4. I find myself in situations where I have to interview people for documentaries within their environments. Which often have a lot of noises. Traffic, air conditioners, strong weather sounds - snow storms, rain, wind. Or are quite reflective. I have found that I have mostly gotten the best results using lavs, my guess is because the signal to noise ratio is good. However, I have only hired them, and I don't want to buy them because I really don't like the sound the produce at all. Plus the hassle of attaching them to people and the lack of speed associated with that. Another technique I am considering is to capture establishing shots with a boom mic, and then switching to something like a neumann tlm 102 to record the rest of the interview off camera. Do you have any techniques or equipment recommendations for me? In the documentary, lightweight, non scripted environment. I appreciate your thoughts.
  5. Hi All, I am wondering how the KM150 would fare as a boom mic. It would allow my Oktava Mk012 to retire from boom duties (aka handling noise duties). Has anyone used the KM150 for booming? I'd love to hear experiences or thoughts. Thanks.
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