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Found 4 results

  1. Today's NYT has an article about the neuro damage suffered by US diplomats in Cuba and their families, and subsequently reported by some Canadian diplomats. Their reporter -- who doesn't seem to know much about acoustics or hearing -- is basically selling a story of mass hysteria. Evidence includes a history of isolated cases of individuals with psychosomatic ailments, quoting researchers who say "well, we didn't see changes in brain structure", and psychiatrists who say "the brain has powerful effects on the body, and brains can be triggered by non-physical events". And of course it quotes Cuban officials who say "it wasn't us". Conclusion: the damage couldn't be man-made, because in the past few years we haven't found someone to blame, and this psych explanation is convenient. The acoustic science is limited to examples like shopping malls playing high frequency noises to discourage kids. Even simple physical possibilities, like crossed ultrasonic beams intermodulating in the victims' ears, are ignored. And the possibility of natural physical causes isn't mentioned at all. Obviously I'm not convinced. I don't believe this is a conspiracy or government cover-up; more a case of "we don't know, it's not in our department, so it must be one of the other things we already know about." Thoughts?
  2. New York Times posts a photo today, to illustrate an article on new threats of government shutdown... I get why the capitol, and the boom mic could certainly suggest "news"... but why a wind screen? It seems like there's nothing moving in Washington these days, no matter what your political leanings, and probably not even the air...
  3. Was anybody else thrown off seeing this headline in today's NYTimes? Have questionable credits really reached scandalous proportions?
  4. I saw the headline and thought "Wow! When do we IMDb below-the-liners get our share?". Then I read the article.
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