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Found 1 result

  1. LOOK AT LAST POST FOR THE CURRENT Versions ! Hi, well after making my WX-Np50 Bulk charger Here. i made a new one on some request. I've completed a few, a few months ago but never had the time to post anything about it. Its a travel version. even smaller then the already "smallest Np50 Bulk charger" that was/is available. It lacks the golden ratio in dimensions (witch bothers me) but if size counts? this is it!. I also implemented a switch (suggested by Constantin) to be able to reset the charging off all batteries or just turn it off. It is a switch with protection so you wont be turning it of by accident. (you have to pull and switch). The fact it is fed by 5 Volt DC, makes it possible to use an external DC-DC converter (coming in the near future) so you could use the same charger on a set powered by your cart battery, when mains power is not available. NP50 Charger V2.0 Travel Edition Features - Charge 12 NP-50's Simultaneous. - Swiss made gold plated spring loaded battery contacts, that wont scratch up the battery contacts and insures lowest resistance possible. - Very Small form factor (HxWxL) 5x14,5x9 cm for a 12 slot charger - External power brick from a well known switching power supply brand. - All passive cooling. No fan noise to keep you awake at night. - A reset/on off switch with protection so you cant bump it by accident and end up with 12 empty batteries. - ability to be fed (soon) by a dc dc converter so you can power it from a cart battery. Power supply specifications Power 30 Watt Input range: 85~264 Vac Certificating: CE Cooling : Passive Protection : Short circuit Overload Over voltage Charger specification Charge rate each slot : ~400mA Charge percentage : ~95-98 % increases life of the battery up to 1.1 times Overheat protection : Charger will cycle down charge current if module reaches above 65 degrees Celsius. Normal working temperature at room temperature 6 slot : Max ~44 degrees Celsius Normal working temperature at room temperature 12 slot : Max ~46 degrees Celsius Normal working temperature at room temperature : Max ~48 degrees Celsius Dimensions 12 slots : (HxWxL) 5x14,5x9 cm Excuse me for the rather bad pictures... i dont have one myself at the moment to make proper photo's (aint that silly) Picture 1 The charger, with the safety switch. Picture 2 Size comparison full sized charger vs V2.0 with external power brick. Picture 3 Charging some test Np50's. Please let me know what you think ! Greetings Joppe Peelen
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