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Found 1 result

  1. I recently purchased a Remote Audio BDSv4u kit from B and H online (view product here) and I have been having some problems getting it to power up. It is wired in to 2 Lectrosonics 411a receivers and a Sound Devices 552 with remote audio cables (that were included in the kit) and powered from a Globalmediapro NP1 batteries with a remote audio NP1 cup adapter. The problem I have is when I use a freshly charged battery and turn on the BDSv4u the switch briefly flashes red and does not power up. If I use a non-fully charged battery however the problem doesn't seem to occur. I've found that if I power up the 552 from internal power then switch on the BDSv4u and then flip the 552 from internal to external power it stays on, so it seems to be an issue with powering up from the 552 causing a surge that causes the BDSv4u to cut out. This seems to mostly occur when I power up the BDSv4u with only the 552 switched on (to ext power). I can sometimes get it to work with a fully charged battery when I have the 411a's on but not always. But I don't always want the 411a receivers on even though I always have them wired in to the bag. I recorded a short demo video which shows everything I've explained to help you better diagnose the problem which you can watch here https://vimeo.com/48428016. Anyone have an idea as to what might be happening? Faulty perhaps? I've tried contacting Remote Audio on their info email to no avail. Anyone know a better way to contact them? Phone not a good option due to time difference between Australia and the States. I haven't contacted B & H for a replacement yet because I'd rather diagnose the issue before sending it back and being without a BDS for 3 weeks when the next one might do the same thing. Thanks in advance...
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