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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All. I'm putting together an article for P3 Update for December's issue and the topic I've been given is Recording Audio in Extreme Weather. It's a short article, only 250 words and they are mainly looking for product placement so I have enough content to write it. But this article has me fascinated by the topic and I am interested in hearing people's stories about weather related problems they've encountered and how they were able to solve them. Most of my work has been bag work around LA so the weather's consistently nice. I have worked in extreme heat in the desert where dust has caused the most problems... and I've worked in the rain... but I would love to hear from all of you who have been able to work on shows like Deadliest Catch with cold and salt water... or from people who have worked in extreme cold conditions like the Arctic... or maybe struggled with extreme moisture and humidity in warm, tropical locations. Any stories you feel like sharing would be awesome! I would love to learn from your experiences. Some of the things I'm putting in the article so you don't think I'm just trying to have all of you write it for me... RAIN Condoms (non-lubricated!!) to protect transmitters. 'Mighty Fix It' (Rescue) Tape to wrap connections where the lav plugs into the TX... I've had sweat from bodies during a fitness video run down the back and short an SMv... Remote Audio's 'Rainman' as a way of helping keep moisture and the sound of raindrops off a boom mic Silica Packs - to absorb moisture and help keep gear dry M.T.O. Unlimited - Sound, Audio, and Slate slickers DESERT Dust is the main problem I've experienced... getting in everything. Connectors. Inside gear. Compressed air - to blow dust out of gear. Touch screens can be 'touchy' if left sitting in direct heat UNDERWATER Voice Technologies VT500WATER COLD Heating packs???
  2. i am trying to sync 2 788t's. not linked together. Ive read through the manual numerous times and came up empty. ive searched on the internet to no avail. starting to get frustrated with this. I have a lemo to bnc and a standard bnc cable. Set my master to Freerun and slave to rx ex. didnt work. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. ced
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