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Found 8 results

  1. Exciting news for those who have been waiting for a fully functional Lectrosonics RM Remote App. $20, for iOS and Android. LectroRM for iPhone LectroRM for Android Built by James LaFarge, a soundie here in NYC. Hope you find this useful. e.
  2. I really like the JoeCo recorder - up to 64 tracks in 1 RU with ltc/iXML BWF-M files to a USB harddrive all on 12 volts! The one thing I found lacking was metering - it's just too much information to fit on a 1 RU chassis. That's been addressed handily by the newly released JoeCo Remote, which provides metering and control to the much larger iPad screen. One of the issues that iPads have are that most apps that interface to "real world" hardware rely on Wifi, which we know can be problematic in congested areas. The JoeCo Remote solves this by giving you the option of using it hardwired, by turning the headphone jack of the iPad into an old-fashioned modem to connect directly to the serial port of the JoeCo. I hope other manufacturers take note. We (Gotham) should have stock within two weeks, selling for just under $500. More info here:http://joeco.co.uk/main/JCR_introduction.html Peter Schneider
  3. So the bottom of this NP1 cup has been peeling back over the last few months, but I've been taping it down as a workaround. Has this happened to anybody else? I'm wondering if it's worth returning it for a replacement.
  4. Hi All, Ok, I've seen in the version notes where remote transmitter frequency changing is supposedly possible with the Zaxcom wireless transmitters. This feature is at best undocumented beyond the rev. notes. Does it really exist, and how does one do such a thing!? I've got TRX900LAs, a 942 and IFB100 Thanks, John
  5. Hi, I have an AES breakout cable (terminating in XLR) for my Nomad and also the Remote Audio mixer cable for Nomad. I'm wondering if it's possible to successfully and reliably transmit an AES signal through the Remote Audio cable? It would be into a Sony XDCAM (don't have one handy for testing). I think I remember reading somewhere a good while ago that it's possible to run into problems running an AES signal through "regular" audio cables, so I wanted to check. Thanks!
  6. I would like a remote power switch for my Nomad without paying 200-400 dollars for a Remote Audio BDSv4 or similar. A suggestion from another thread was to build a switch on to my current Hawk Woods NPA-SQN battery cup I would like to have this situated along the cable, not on the cup, as the cup will probably be in the bottom of the bag. I just received my first batch of Sugru so I could probably use that to patch/mount/encase as necessary. I can solder, but i have no idea how the elecronics of this situation should work. Any suggestions on how I should do this? What kind of switch component would I need (how many pins/connections etc)? Would it be better to use a regulated power adapter like this Hawk Woods NPR FR2 ? Is this simply a bad idea?
  7. Now that my Nomad is having it's power switch repaired, it's time to invest in some kind of remote switch.... juuuuust in case.... Anyone have any recommendations? Currently powering Nomad is a Hawk-Woods shoe with a single hard-wired hirose4 (worryingly vulnerable), while my G2s/G3s are on AAs. Thing is, if I am looking at paying nearly the same for a switch as I would a switched distro, I would go with the distro for future proofing, seeing as I will eventually buy/borrow Zax or Lectro radios. Any thoughts?
  8. I recently switched to a Remote Audio BDS system with an NP1 battery. My Tascam HDP2 has a power reading option in the menu, and it reads 16.85V at first use of the day. The display rolls and blurs. This doesn't occur on AA batteries. Is this normal? Coming from a computer hardware background, this sounds very high. Thanks!
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