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Found 2 results

  1. Have not been much here these last couple years. Went slightly into Nest Egg Panic. That combined thankfully with great material offered more back to back than I'm accustomed to executing kept me out of trouble. Delighted that said panic helped me push kit rental, parking perks/reimbursement and above-contract wages to my market's limits. My body on the other hand is less-than-delighted. Two years straight of regularly not drinking enough water have taken an undeniable toll, with repercussions that cannot be accommodated in a production environment. The realization came surprisingly quickly since it turns out the body will not be ignored. There were tens of paper-thin red flags that it might be 'Time'. I kept track. Hyper Vigilance due to: squeezed production / post production schedules, inexperienced leadership, wacky shooting styles, changing RF world. RF Chaos. So much troubleshooting, data point gathering. Acoustically exhausting locations due to high ambient noise. Old School Macho Assholes. I've encountered only a few in my fairly long career, but a bunch came back to back. My capacity to turn around the bad juju of wanting to kick said assholes in the nuts was near nil. The red flag was actually verbalizing that sentiment to the EP. Time to go soon. The last 4-5 years have been monitoring the Nest Egg regularly and spent considerable time researching: Real Estate. Where in the world to land. I cannot afford current region. Have explored all directions but south. I need to go five or six hours distant from NYC to buy within the parameters I've set which are: cash purchase less than $100K, garage, single story, preferably within walking distance of a grocery store. Others as they approach and execute Retirement. Our venerable host Jeff Wexler has been an invaluable source of first hand, real time info on the subject, as have Al McGuire and Eric Toline. We've spent a few of hours together in videoconference every weekend for five or six years, during which time I witnessed all of these fine engineers work, work less, hit hiccoughs, triumph over trepidation, and ultimately seamlessly make the crossfade. Bravo gentlemen. I hope to be able to execute the move with half their courage and precision. What to do. Writing, documentary film, teaching. At this point I'm tired and hate everything. Need to give this some time and put it out there. Am much more at ease having begun to sell the gear and gotten great and generous responses from our NYC community. Kept it rather on the QT local to NY since shipping is such a PITA. Thanks to all who bought / will buy. Also more at ease having confirmed I've enough hours to receive full insurance coverage and learned that I don't have to choose between the monthly pension check and the lump sum: you get BOTH! Yippee. Surprise! There's the house. As usual, this won't be the last entry on the subject and much anticipate your thoughts on the matter.
  2. This PD4 is currently living out its retirement as a headphone amp and monitor stand! How are you using your retired gear around your home or office?
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