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Found 4 results

  1. For those who like to match the colour of their microphones, Schoeps has presented yesterday, during the Sound Summit, the Blue Colette Set. Included are a CMC1 + Cut60 + MK41 in a rugged Peli box + a B5D + SG20. This is a limited edition, only 100 pieces at the retail price of 2070$. I don’t know why, but I think the gear acquisition syndrome will soon hit me....
  2. Hello Everyone I’m new here and hoping to learn more about the mysterious subject of capturing quality audio. Apologies first then if my questions sound stupid or amateurish. I’m a photographer who’s played with video for quite a few years but have only recently realised the upmost importance of capturing quality audio to catapult production values. I’ve just received my beautiful new Schoeps CMC1 MK41 and was wondering if there is a correct orientation for the microphone to get the best polar pattern. Schoeps make a big point of the CMIT5U having a “rotationally symmetrical polar pattern” but nothing about MK series capsules having the same. When I screw the capsule to pre-amp the logos don’t match up so there seems no obvious correct way up. Should I not worry about orientation as sound is not effected or should I always try and get the MK41/polar pattern logo on the top in the shock mount? And is this the is same for any other microphone that doesn’t advertise rotational symmetry?
  3. Is anyone using this combo with success ? No reason why it would not work, I 'll be using a Rycote WS4 suspensions and I will have to hire without the chance to test prior to that. Reason I am asking is that Schoeps and Lectros are known for introducing occasional whines and can't remember somebody discussing the specific setup here. Best
  4. Hi everyone. I was wondering how reliable a Schoeps CMC6 with the MK41 capsule would be in a place like Hong Kong? I'm sure some of you have been there working and know the climate but for those who haven't... it's pretty humid and there is a lot of moisture everywhere, all the time. I'll be capturing sound for an independent feature film to be shot in Macao (across the river from Hong Kong) and I need to get a super/hyper for lots of interior dialogue scenes. Renting is not really practical because we'll be shooting for a month. And I rather just invest in a good microphone for future productions. I don't have any experience with this microphone and I've been reading here that it can have problems with moisture. But I'd like to know just how bad the moisture has to be to really affect the microphone. I'm only asking because I have someone who has a used schoeps cmc6 mk41 for sale with a cut 1 filter here in Portugal and I'm tempted to take the plunge but I don't want to plunge into a sea of problems. I would get an mkh50 but suddenly the prices on the 50 went up to 1900 euros here and the 8050 is sold out everywhere. Thanks in advance everyone.
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