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  1. Being on the verge of spending money again, I want to make sure this is the right step before parting ways with my hard earned cash. I'm a sound mixer who is relatively new to the craft (about 9 months doing location audio) and I want to invest in some pro quality wireless. One of the things that I feel is most key to being a good sound person is to have pristine audio. Now pristine is a relative idea but getting as close as possible is a good approach when you don't have the clients or money to access the top quality Zaxcom's/Lectro systems. My question is about the sound quality of a Sennheiser G3 Wireless system wired to a Sanken COS11 lavaler vs. Lectro LMa/Lectro UCR100 wired to a Sanken COS11 = ?
  2. In in the "What to look for in headphones?" thread, imagist notes the same problem I am having with the HD 25 II, and the same that Simon B experienced with HD250 II. -The point of connection between the cable and earcup becoming intermittent- As well as the seemingly random loses of signal, it is also guaranteed to lose signal when a loud transient is received (eg a clapper board, a shout). I feed my cans lower volume than anyone I know. It is always the left earcup and it is fixed by applying small pressure to the connector in a forwards direction. I otherwise love my HD25s and was ready to buy a spare pair when this started some moths back. Imagist mentioned that tinning the connectors seemed to give another couple months before intermittent behaviour, but I would love to find a more permanent solution. Has anyone found anything to help? Thanks
  3. Well, looks like I got a great deal deal on a bazook.. a Sennheiser 815T. Now, in addition to doing push-ups so I can actually boom with the mic, I'm gonna be shopping for a Kleintuchel-XLR adapter and obviously a suspension mount and windshield that are up to the task of housing this monster. Any other suggestions than Rycote? Rycote would probably be great but it'll end up costing several times the price of the mic.
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