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Found 1 result

  1. Rage. Rage is an unproductive invisible yet screaming partner with whom to negotiate life. After any trauma, rage insinuates itself deep in the psyche. It's so powerful, I am terrified to let it show its face or open its mouth. It builds and explodes sometimes. Exceedingly messy and counter-productive. For survivors, it is the monster that hides behind and under everything. Rage was the first emotional red flag that something powerful and relentless was destroying my life from the inside out. I determined to study it under a microscope by becoming a detective. I sought clues to its origins. Chose individuals with the least control of the phenomenon to sidle up to. That invasion of personal / psychic space was dangerous. One rage-ous UPM uninvited me from the final season of a show because I addressed his rage directly. But I learned its workings. The, "You're a Perfect Assh*le" story is best told by voice. Let's see if I'm in the mood to tell it today on Sounderday. https://zoom.us/j/817979726 Rage. It comes with all trauma. It comes with #MeToo. Survival mechanism. Involuntary emotional response. Science has recently declared that trauma re-wires the brain and even DNA. IME as an amateur student of electrical signals and survivor, it does. To survive, one must perform a wiring repair job and re-route. I see a significant percentage of women (and men) in the industry who enter every "room" with their fists up. This puts the room into defense mode. Off the bat it's war. #MeToo brings out the Rage. It's given many permission to express it; as eventually it must be felt, expressed, and passed through. I chose to learn to express it in art / poetry / performance. When I wire, it's a dance and some of my best work. Sometimes I fail to control it, particularly when in the company of someone who's not yet learned to hold their open hands at their sides. The image attached is one piece of art I made. It was in an art show in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Entire segments of populations are repeatedly, predictably traumatized and their rage weaponized. My intention is to write at some length on the subject and as always anticipate your wise perspectives to add to our collective understanding.
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