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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there, I'm sort of new here (have been reading, no posting), so maybe a little introduction seems appropriate! I've been doing commercial and free video / motion design work for a while now, mainly shooting on a DSLR. I do this with a friend and we're based in The Netherlands. Sound hasn't exactly been stellar in our productions (filmmakers ahoy), so after loads of reading up, we decided to upgrade to the following setup: Main microphone (besides lavs): Sanken CS-3e Mixer: SD Mixpre-D Recording device: Either the Zoom H4n or directly into the Canon 7D or iPad We're planning on two setups, recording straight into the Canon 7D (no syncing in post, seems a bit easier to setup) and the option of recording using the Zoom H4n (more mobile). Below is a description of our setup so far. Please forgive me if I don't make sense or ask for the obvious, I'm trying to learn about audio, but I'm not exactly an expert. Setup 1. SD Mixpre-D to Canon 7D We have been doing some tests with the Mixpre running a cable from the unbalanced mic out straight into the Canon 7D (with the new manual audio firmware update). In the first test we put on the tone oscillator and on the 7D we matched the dB output to the display of the LED's on the Mixpre. We got a lot of noise in this setup. Is this coming from the 7D? In the next test, we put the audio levels in the 7D almost all the way down and we got little, to no noise. However, we're not sure how to monitor audio on the Mixpre with the recording levels being much lower. Do we just figure out the difference between the recording and monitoring or is there another solution? A different question: on the Mixpre, I can set the recording to L C R, since we're using a mono mic, is it wise to keep it on L? Setup 2. SD Mixpre-D to Zoom H4n I found this article by filmmaker Dan McComb explaining how he hooked up his Mixpre to a Zoom H4n, however, he seems to change his mind about the setup quite regularly. So I'm not sure if this is the way to go or not. Do any of you guys have experience with setting this up? Would the quality of recording to the Zoom be better than to the Canon 7D? Thanks for taking your time reading!
  2. Hey Guys, Finally, This is the second of the AO bags to go through the redesign process. Of course this bag is obviously very similar to the previous AO-1.5, the main change is the internal dimensions of the bag. Its the smallest of the AO bags. A lot of enquiries about the handles, pockets and modular sides have been brought up. I am dealing with quite a few requests for custom variations of the bag. I'll be sure to post pictures of these custom requests. Also, If certain customer adaptations or changes prove to be popular, then more than likely, that may well be an adaptation that can be permanently made to the factory stock AO. Thank you again for all your input and suggestions. 2.9lbs Empty, no strap. W11 x D5.5 x H6 The main changes from the old AO-1 are: Large access flap on back. (Media/Battery) With attached external pocket. NP1/BDS/transmitter pockets on both sides. Boom rest/headphone pouch/flask pocket on right. NP1 Velcro locks on each side. Metal harness attachment rings each side. Smaller compact collapsible front pocket. Accessory storage in front pocket. Interior copper colored lining. Longer carry handles. Longer vinyl cover. Double layer vinyl pocket for small equipment. Boom-pole attachment point. 2 x Solid dividers. http://www.portabrace.com/products/audio/organizers/923-ao-1x
  3. Hi All, I'm new here, as well as to audio recording, and I need some help! Here is my setup. 1. Audio-Technica ATW-1811D - 1800 Series Portable Wireless Microphone System 2. DVPro 3 Field Mixer 3. M-Audio MicroTrack II - Professional 2-Channel Mobile Digital Audio Recorder 4. Sony mdr 7506 Headphones. For the sake of simplicity, I will leave out the use of limiters in any of the devices. I will also limit my question to audio recording through my wireless system, as a boom mic setup offers one less variable. And, although all components have at least two channels, (the Mixer has three…), lets only consider the settings for one. Also, as the Transmitter in the wireless system does not have any input or output settings, it will be left out of the mix. For brevity the components will be called: WiFi-Receiver, Mixer, Recorder. Again, what I need to know is the most basic procedure to set my levels through this chain of devices. Here are my components and their variables: (pics, included below.) The WiFi-Receiver, has outputs called, "Receiver Level Controls," with un-numbered knobs that turn between the 7-5pm "clock positions. The Mixer, has "Channel Gain," numbered knobs that can be set between 1-10. It also has led meters, ranging form -20 to 3. The Recorder has "Levels," inputs for both L & R channels that can be set independently, but for the sake of argument lets stick to only one. The levels are set with an up down switch, and are indicated on the lcd by a 10 notched line, which is not numbered. My base understanding is the Wifi-Receivers Output, should light up the Mixers led meters, no higher than 0db at their peak, ideally somewhere in the -10 to -1 "green," range. When I have, to the best of my ability, set up the levels between the Receiver and Mixer to achieve this, I find that I must set the levels on the Recorder extremely low, perhaps the second notch at most, or I hear audible distortion on the headphones, (regardless of it's, "volume," [audio out], settings.) Is it OK that the recorders levels would be set that low? I know there can be many variables that can influence each location, but what I am looking for is a starting point to set the prospective levels of each device along the chain, to achieve the best possible recording, from which I can then tweak from. If someone can please tell me basically how to set each components levels, and in what order, I would be most grateful! Thanks in advance. Rich
  4. Hi Guys, Kindly share with me your setup or provide me a link if this have been discuss here. I do a lot of video & audio recording and looking forward to improve it. Mainly presentation in a hall. My audio from the presenter is ok (Countryman H6 > Sen G3 > SD 302 > Cam Channel 1) My audio of the audience is sound bad n muddy (Cam internal mic) So what mic do i need and where do i place it. Thanks,
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