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Found 2 results

  1. So, here we go! Rycote made their first shotgun microphones in their history and world asking: "How it sounds, what's weight, is it good, have you throw it in iceberg; does it work in UAE desert? HC-15 & HC-22 Shotgun Microphones is here and this topic calling you to post your worst & best experience with these microphones. Don't be cute, don't be humble, don't be generous. We hate that. Does is it sound better from Schoeps? Does it built like Sennheiser 416? Simple, clean, to-the-point-answers. I don't ask to jeopardize your NDA; but people with no rental in some countries will appreciate your tested files. === PS. I can't add more than 2 "tags" when I create a topic. Invision Community; please fix that. :-)
  2. Hi all, I haven't found much info on this mic i have. It's a Beyerdynamic MC837 long shotgun, got it used on eBay about a year ago and have been using it for exteriors on indie shorts in NYC. I did a comparitive side-by-side with the Sennheiser MKH816 and it's very similar. A little tighter and the off axis rejection isn't as good but I was wondering what other's experiences were. I don't really see it mentioned in forums or in anyone's kit...I'm thinking of selling it to get a Sanken CS-3e...Any thoughts? I read the discussion on but since i've only used my Beyerdynamic and heard the 816 once for the side-by-side, I don't have much useful input to contribute. Mainly wondering if anyone has used the Beyerdynamic and if it's worth keeping for an exterior or if I should go with something like the sanken CS-3e or the Neumann KMR82i. -Dave
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