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Found 6 results

  1. Is this a growing trend? I've noticed it recently, particularly on some of the mainstream narrative films among this year's screeners: There seems to be a casual attitude towards exterior BGs. Some scenes are filled, others in the same film are just dialog with an occasional music stab. At first I thought it was to reflect the characters' internal states... but no, they're conversing actively about relatively unimportant (or unemotional) stuff. Many of these scenes are not through-scored, so it isn't to let the music show through. (I learned last night that Cambridge has absolutely nothing moving other than the principals, while New York is stuffed with CU traffic and walla.) Anyone else picking up on this? Or are my ears getting too selective in my old age?
  2. Sundance-winning film sound mixer reveals the power of dialog editing, sound design, and audio mixing. Click here for the video The 5 Five Steps of Audio Post Production: 2:20 Sound Editing 3:05 Spotting Session 3:37 Dialog Editing 7:03 Sound Design 11:08 Sound Mixing ----------------- Ugo Derouard is a Sound Designer & Supervising Sound Editor and has been successfully working in Hollywood since 2006. Over his career, Ugo has worked with A-List Directors and Music Composers, on Award-winning Films, TV Shows, Commercials and Documentaries since 2002. Ugo’s work as a Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer has been featured many times at the Sundance Film Festival. In 2012 for the film "The End of Love" featuring Mark Webber & Michael Cera, again in the 2014 “Life After Beth” with Aubrey Plaza as well as the 2015 Grand Jury Winner “SMILF” with Frankie Shaw and Thomas Middleditch.
  3. There is a scene in Batman V Superman at Lois Lane's apartment bathroom. Noticed underneath dialogue there was taxi car horn noise. Was just checking to see if there was a discussion on that decision. Whoever made that choice really set the scene really well. You didn't have to say it was Metropolis, it sounded just like New York. Was there any back and forth about laying more noise under dialogue? Or was that one of many honks from on location where more noise needed to be added to match unavoidable set issues?
  4. Hi all, We have some great speakers and workshops for our event we're holding over the 17th and 18th of November, and thought it might be of interest to members. I hope you don't mind me posting about it here! Please let me know if these kind of posts are not appropriate. Some details are below: The Sound of Story - An Exploration of Sound and Music in Storytelling. Lighthouse presents The Sound of Story: two stimulating days of talks, masterclasses and workshops featuring a stellar line-up of world-class sound professionals. Showcasing critically acclaimed and innovative projects, The Sound of Story is aimed at filmmakers, sound practitioners, music producers and film lovers. Through a series of talks and workshops, leading sound professionals discuss their work, influences and insights, offering a rare opportunity to learn about the power of the soundtrack, and the importance of designing projects with sound in mind from the start. Speakers include: Chris Watson - Frozen Planet (BBC) / Soundstage (Radio 4) / El Tren Fantasma (CD for Touch) / Soundscapes (National Gallery) Magz Hall - Ambisonic soundtrack of Hong Kong Airport / Radio Mind (radio installation) / Tree Radio (for the Yorkshire Sculpture Park) Barry Adamson - Moss Side Story / Soul Murder / Natural Born Killers / Lost Highway / The Beach / The Swing The Hole And The Lie / Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Martin Stig Andersen - Inside / Limbo / Rabbit at the Airport / Ring road A141 Glenn Freemantle - Gravity / Slumdog Millionaire / Paddington Workshop leaders include: Anna Bertmark - Lilting / The Goob Joakim Sundström - Berberian Sound Studio / The Constant Gardener / Seven Psychopaths Chris Watson - Frozen Planet (BBC) / Soundstage (Radio 4) / El Tren Fantasma (CD for Touch) / Soundscapes (National Gallery) Louise Brown - Moshi Monsters: The Movie / We Are Monster / Damascus Cover The event will take place in Brighton UK, the talks at Brighton Dome and the workshops locations vary. For more details, please check the website: http://www.lighthouse.org.uk/programme/the-sound-of-story-2015 I really hope this is of interest, and that you're able to attend.
  5. Hey guys, hope you are all well. We have just launched a huge sale over at Sonniss in celebration of Halloween 2015. (You might want to check it out). There are some great deals to be had this week on many popular indie sound libraries from people like Coll Anderson, SoundBits, Detunized, SoundMorph, etc (over 200+ are on sale).http://www.sonniss.com/sound-effects-sale/I have compiled a list of the discounts available on Google Sheets... (hopefully this makes things a little easier for you all)https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1N1s8z0F5VMcP1c987Hup4urSe1Zyz-VgnKMrUf-c_48/edit?usp=sharingIf you have any problems with your order, just drop me a message (we offer 24 / 7 instant support).- Timothy McHugh(CEO) & Co-Founder / Sonniss.com
  6. Really interesting doc sound design talk from Peter Albrechtsen http://vimeo.com/60171257
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