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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Experts. I been using and learning about my Sound Devices 702 since it arrived two days ago and it is a fantastic machine. As I am still learning about the various set-up options, I am wondering if you think I am missing something real crucial: My recordings are GREAT, however, the volume is real real low. (when I look at my recordings using adobe Audition on my computer they are generally around MINUS 40) I have it on custom set-up with phantom power, Input 1 feeding BOTH tracks A and B, using a Rode NTG-2 at 24 bit depth and 48Ksample rate. The input gain on input one is pretty high --- I have it on the " 2:00 " position if this were a clock face. Oh, my limiter is ON. Do you have any suggestions?? I read the manual and it said that there are two different gain ranges a "NORMAL" and a "LOW RANGE", the Low Range says that is suitable for high SPL environments...BUT I cannot tell which of these ranges I have chosen. Many Thanks! Kevin Boucher
  2. Hi there, I have got a new 788t with cl-8. How can I listen in post fader from my hp? When I use the 788T in post-fader, also if all the cl-8's faders are -∞ I listen the armed tracks. Why? I would like to listen only the tracks that I open from the cl-8. Is it possible?? Thank you
  3. hi, First off, Im not a sound guy by any means. understand the basics. Long story short, I borrowed a 788t from a friend and he's out of the country.( Don't want to bug him on the family getaway) i have a couple basic questions that i need some advice on. - what should i set the sample rate and bit depth to? -file type- poly or mono? -ill be shooting at 30 frames. what should the TC frame rate be set to on 788? ive heard to set it to 29.97. not sure if thats true. -using wireless mics. when the receiver is plugged in, should the track be set to mic or line? 48k with mic? - i have 4 lectrosonic 411a's all set to -20, with the transmitter gain around 11 o'clock. is this correct? i know im working with a beast here so any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much. -palm
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