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Found 8 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I want to share this post because I couple of weeks ago I was looking for some information that might help me but could not find it, hopefully this helps anyone in need. In case someone is trying to fit a Sound Devices 633 into an Orca Bag OR-27, I've tried and it was a success, I did this for a travel show where I was hiking and going from town to town for long days and carrying this setup all day but this was super light, I could fit 2 SCRs, a Sound Devices 633, a battery Bud and a NP-1 Battery, you might fit another SRC but I did not test that, I can assure the setup in the picture works. HOWEVER, the downside is that for opening the door for getting/inserting the sd card you have to unplug the TC and the Headphone cables in order to take out part of the 633. Also you need low profile cables on the XLR / TA3 panel, otherwise the pockets wont close, you can use regular cables on the right side though. Also when purchasing this from Trew Audio in Los Angeles, the salesman tried a Sound Devices 833 and also works. Hope it works for you
  2. Hello everyone, I was wondering if any one of you ever tried to power their SD633 recorder, HFs, etc. via a usb powerbank, since these are incredibely cheap compared to other power sources. I just stumbled upon these usb/hirose cables on Amazon and was wondering if this would work: https://www.amazon.com/Eonvic-Hirose-Power-Devices-Recorders/dp/B08B4QRRXR/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1 Any thoughts? about voltage, intensity? My electric knowledge is really nonexistent... In my bag is a SD 633, a Wisycom MCR42 and a Sonosax SX-M2D2. They all have hirose power in. Thanks by advance for your help!
  3. SD 633 users, please add your opinion or correct me, before I send the following to Sound Devices. Questions/Suggestions/possible Ideas for Improvement : 1.LowCut : Is it possible to implement a LowCut setting of, let's say : 40Hz 12dB/oct or even 40Hz 24dB/oct ? Reason: I may like the 70Hz-region of a bassy male voice. Right now, the lowest setting is 80Hz 12dB/oct. 2.Limiter Release : Is an adjustable Limiter Release possible; just like the one from the 788 ? Reason: it may not be desirable to have a 500ms-release after a 10ms-door slam. 3.Headphone Encoder or keyboard up/down arrows , scrolling in menus , unrestricted direction : Presently : rotating counter-clockwise (while first item in menu is selected) does not do anything. Could (should) be : rotating counter-clockwise (while first item in menu is selected) jumps to the last item of the menu. Behavior like in the 7.. series. 4.Renaming a take (menu item 7 of Take List) : Maximum are 35 letters/numbers. Upon typing the 35th number or letter, shouldn't be the display of all numbers and letters greyed out, to indicate "you have reached the maximum number of letters/numbers" and to avoid thereby the warning "Invalid File Name" ? 5.Keyboard , using “standard” features/shortcuts, implementation : Ctrl+A , Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V for copying names of takes/files/phrases for other, similar takes/files/phrases : e.g. : phrase “Parasitic Noise in the Background - Dialog unaffected” Ctrl+A for selecting all , Ctrl+C for copying new Phrase Ctrl+V for pasting, thereafter editing prior entering into “Parasitic Noise in the Background - Dialog affected” or , e.g. : after renaming take “Wild-StepT01” into “Wild-Steps-Woman-Outside” , Ctrl+A , Ctrl+C to copy all, then renaming take “Wild-StepT02” , Ctrl+A , Ctrl+V and editing “Wild-Steps-Woman-Outside” to “Wild-Steps-Woman-Inside”. Safes time. (My keyboard : Keysonic ACK 3400, exact same width as the 633, fits in the Ambient bag ) 6.User phrases , changing order : For example my user phrase list consists of 1. Good 2. Slate not clapped 3. Bad 4. Slate clapped at the end Now if I want to re-order in a sensefull way, 1. Good 2. Bad 3. Slate not clapped 4. Slate clapped at the end, the whole list must be rewritten. The necessity for certain phrases may “evolve” during a shooting. Or, I find, that phrase number 9 must be used often, so it is better to put it at number one position. 7.Shortcut Scene Name (HP press-and-hold + RTN) “adds” scene names instead of the menu saying “edit” : Instead of editing the name (replacing the old one with the new one), the entry will be added. Sooner or later, the scene name list will be congested and it will be no more possible to use this shortcut and add a scene name. If the functionality of this shortcut is “edit”, this will not be the case. The manual one-by-one deletion of all the added scene names demands time. (Editing via Take List , Enter , Scene , Edit will really “edit”(overwrite/kill).) 8.Fader Gain numeric value, but no Trim Gain numeric value : If using, e.g. a stereo microphone like the Sennheiser MKH40+MKH30 (same sensitivity) or the Pearl MS8CL or a combination of Schoeps cardoid and figure-eight of the same product line, it is a good starting point to adjust both trims to the same value. And for quickly re-adjusting the trim in a time critical situation (especially at night), not just by judging “both to 11 o’clock”. Trim Gain as a numeric value is already available in the 7xx series. 9.Could Sound Devices develop an own XML-editing software to edit the settings file of the SD 633, e.g. HP Presets, Phrase List, Sound Report Info or other settings on a computer ? Do you know, if there is third-party software, that does this already ( and will not “harm” the SD 633 after re-importing the edited settings) ? I would pay for this. (Could be named “XML Agent” ) ----- Edit, additional ideas of forum members ----- 10. Extended Flexible Linking/Ganging of more than Input 1-2 and 5-6 : Linking of at least Input 1 2 3 for Double MS, if possible total user defined linking (multi channel arrays). Linking/Ganging that includes trim or fader or both. 11. Scene Name List , Improvement , related to 7. : When the scene name list is full, there could be a warning about this status to avoid, not to be able to enter a new scene name. Or an automatic overwrite/clearing of existing older scene names. 12. Headphone Source Selection , auto-exit after 2 seconds of no action : The 2 seconds timeframe could be user defined ; either default "2 seconds" or "upon subsequent pressing of the knob", to enable monitoring/checking different configurations/presets/input-combinations without pressing the headphone encoder multiple times and the preset list always disappearing. 13. Mix Assist : Like in the 788. 14. Return , Routing to Outputs /Busses : E.g. to feed the return of the camera to an IFB for the director, also useful for playback in the camera. 15. Keyboard , undocumented functionality of "Esc" , to be changed into "One-Step-back-in-the-Menu-Tree" : When going into a menu via the Menu Button, e.g. Main Menu > 7.File Storage > 3.Folder Options > Enter > Folder Options Menu , then pressing the Menu Button will go back to File Storage Menu; the menu above the last one. Going into a menu via keyboard : F1 > Arrows > Enter > Arrows > ... , it is not possible to go back to the last menu. "Esc" will revert to the Main Screen. "Esc" is not documented, but could have the functionality of "One-Step-back-in-the-Menu-Tree". "Go-back-immediately-from-a-menu-to-Main-Screen" is already covered by the Select Button. Presently, navigating in menus via keyboard is only "forth". Otherwise, totally happy with this wonderful machine !
  4. I was just playing with my Sound Devices 633 and I noticed there seems to be something loose moving inside the chassis of the machine. At first I thought it was the AA batteries but I removed them and noticed it still happens. It seems to be coming from the underside of the machine and when I hold it and rotate it I can feel the slight vibration of the moving object inside. Can anyone give suggestions about the cause of this? The 663 seems to be working well otherwise but I just got it so I haven’t used it extensively yet. On the video below you can clearly hear the sound as I rotate it.
  5. Hi there, After my recent update to the v1.04 SD firmware for my 633 mixer, my Rii wi-fi keyboard dont responds any more... Does anybody out there had this kind of problem with this keyboard or other model ? Does this problem concerns the SD664 mixer too ? Thank you in advance for your help. Bax.
  6. As some of you are already aware Orca Bags debuted our new line of audio bags and harness at NAB this year. We got a very positive response to our products and lots of good feedback at the show. We are currently incorporating that feedback and suggestions into our audio bags to make them even better and more tailored to you, the end user. The Orca sound bags are like no other bag that you have seen. The Orca offers maximum protection for your gear inside thanks to our extremely durable and lightweight aluminum and honeycomb frame. Added to that is an ethylene-vinyl acetate interior and layers of foam lined with ultra-soft blue brushed polyester. The frame was specifically designed to allow all four sides of the bag and the bottom too independently and completely open. This gives you access from all six sided of the bag. No other bag will give you unencumbered access like the Orca will. Imagine never having to pull anything out of your bag to get to the connectors and media slots on your mixer, recorders and wireless ever again. Our “Orca Lift” system allows you to position the mixer to any level within the bag while our sliding mount securely holds the mixer in place. The bag can be turned completely upside down and the mixer will remain fastened in place with no Velcro or other fasterners. Each bag has two large pockets that can be used for placing your battery, BDS and/or stowing all your accessories. On the front two bungee cords with tensioners are available for attaching your boom pole or for hanging cables on your bag. The carrying handles and shoulder strap are easily removable for your convince. Four external detachable pockets with a special twist locking mechanism are supplied as well. The Orca bags are available in three different sizes to accommodate all current field mixers and recorders. Orca was created to provide the best, customized bags and accessories for today’s working broadcast and cinema professionals worldwide. Our philosophy is to design products that reflect the input of working industry professionals, and give them with the best solution to get the job done, easily, comfortably and efficiently. Orca’s research and development team has been part of the cinema sound and TV industry for well over 30 years. It’s this experience that allows us to provide the finest gear bags and accessories, bar none. Our R&D team has crafted the entire Orca line using the most advanced technologies and superior materials available. The result is an unmatched, field-proven line of smart bags and accessories, expertly designed to carry and protect your gear. We expect to be shipping our bags and harness this summer. So please check out our web site and speak with your favorite dealer for availability. Thank You Offer Menashe CEO Orca Bags http://www.orcabags.com/
  7. I recently bought a sound devices 633 and I was recording football with two MH60s for FX (inputs 1 and 2) and (R channel) and commentator (L channel) (input 3). The input trims (course gain) on inputs 1 and 2 (MH60 FX mics) were at around 11 o'clock and the faders were at around 10 o'clock and the FX were peaking at around -10 dBU. A goal was then score and there was a cheer. The limiters were set at their default 16 dBU but the sound seemed seemed to be getting limited at around 10 dBU for some reason and then there were two short busts where the peaks jumped up to the 16dBU level. This happened on three occasions during the match. Has anyone else experienced this before? Or do they know what I am doing wrong? I've attached a sample of the sound. Sadly I didn't think to save the setup file. Any help is greatly appreciated, all the best, Pete Crowd_LimiterIssues_.mp3
  8. Hiya all. Just a quick and probably really dumb question. How do you get a mono summed return on the 633? I have made a headphone preset with both return channels on and the 'mono' switch selected, but the return in the headphones is still split. What am I doing wrong? Am I right in saying the 633 can't do this? Surely it can? If not this is a HUGE mistake!! Chris
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