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Found 1 result

  1. OK.... so Chinhda's new Medium cart is deeply gorgeous, and really does redefine Cart Porn. I take my hat off to a cart building superstar...... In the meantime - Stuart and I have been discussing for ages, drawing plans, collecting parts, and finally Stuart started cutting metal about 8 weeks ago. He made a new base, designed from scratch, and we have grafted the minirack from our Zuca based cart onto the top of it as a temporary top half. Eventually, when I know what my next recorder and mixer will be - we will build a new top rack to take the new kit. We now have this.... This is the new base with the temporary top rack, in its upright mode for standy up mixing. We thought a lot about how to move the trolley around - one of the things I hate is that many castor wheels (the 'small' wheels) pivot around a vertical pin. This means that dependant on whether you push or pull the trollay, the wheelbase gets shorter or longer. This can make the trolley upend if you are pushing from behind, the wheelbase is shortened, and you hit a bump. SO - we are trying out these funky wheels, they can be wheeled forward and back, and side to side. There is a 100AHr EasyLiFe (well, Stuart and I make them) battery in the base. There are various different modes for lifting the cart around.... 2 person flat carrying mode 2 person stair lifting mode One person wheelbarrow pushing mode For off road, we have balloon wheels, it takes about a minute to change all 4 The working area has all the important bits, mixer, recorder, script, monitors, all close together No paprclips on the script holder, the horizontal clips at top of perspex and hinged, and magnetic!! Did I mention how you lift the top rack (which can be removed in seconds by pulling two locking pins out). No two person lift here folks - you just push a button...... Ursta Otis Cart Vid.MOV Stuart has built two bases. mine now has this temporary rack on it, and Stuart is constructing a fantastical top rack for Tim White, which will go on the second of the bases, and will have Tim's Cantar X3 on it. What an absolutely brilliant week for cart porn ;-)) Sleep well amigos - happy trolley/cart dreams....... Simon B
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