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Found 3 results

  1. Lectrosonics is pleased to introduce SRc and SRc5P Digital Hybrid Wireless® dual-channel diversity "slot" receivers with Smart Tuning and SuperSlot™ compatibility, designed for top performance in tough RF environments, making them ideally suited for field production and other applications challenged by rough conditions. More here: http://www.lectrosonics.com/US/lectrosonics-introduces-the-src-and-src5p-receiver.html
  2. Hi Larry, Sorry to bug you with a private message. I have a quick question about the SRc which you can probably answer in just a line or two if you don't mind. I am thinking of upgrading/cross-grading to them from a mix of 411's and SRb's. What I wanted to know is if the tracking front end works on channels 1 & 2 independently? If I have ch1 tuned to block 21 (for example) and channel 2 tuned to block 23, do they each benefit from their own set of filters? I had a read of the user manual from your site but it didn't mention anything about that. Thanks Hi, There are two independent front ends. The tracking is done after the RF is split to the two receivers. Specifically, you can run different blocks with no loss of sensitivity. I'm going to post your redacted question on Equipment since I have been asked this before. We should put this in our manual. Best Regards, Larry Fisher
  3. Hey there everyone! I just recently purchased a pair of used UM400as (block 470) from our friends over at Tai Audio in Florida. I thought all was well until a shoot about a week ago when I noticed that one of my transmitters had been very noisy. The way I would describe it; a white noise hiss that fills the floor. I've tried everything I can think of, changed freq, changed cables, changed mics, changed compat modes and even tried changing NR amount, but to no avail. The problem is now very consistent and very intrusive. I'm hoping with all my might that it's just user error and that the collective here can help me out. I've only ever experienced this once before with a UM400 that I rented about a year and a half ago. Didn't think to much about it then. I'm guessing the only other action I have is to send it into Lectro and have them repair it. The receiver that I'm using is Lectrosonics SRC. Thanks for the help in advanced and please let me know if you guys want any other info! Also a happy hello to everyone here at jwsound!
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