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Found 9 results

  1. http://www.pcworld.com/article/3006928/hardware/intels-crazy-fast-optane-memory-storage-products-to-hit-enthusiast-pcs-first.html
  2. Hello everyone! I'm back with a few questions about sound carts specifically on sound stages. First off, I am setting up a sound stage cart and I would like to find out and see how other professionals take care of their carts and where they stow them in the stage, how often they do maintenance, etc. etc. So, would any of you be able to help me out and give a brief description of your cart and where you store it and if there are particulars to look out for like how you air-tight enclose it while construction is going on in the stage for a new set, etc. ? I'm looking for specifically where you stow it after shoots, Do you have a climate controlled space? Do you lid it up and tarp it between shoots? How often to you clean and run maintenance checks? Do you have a cart that specifically stays indoors and another one you take outdoors? Thanks! I look forward to your answers!
  3. Recently came across this new, dropbox-like service which gives 15GBs to start for free. Since they are new, they are also giving out 5GBs per referral, which is also much more than Dropbox gives. As a current dropbox user, I always look for ways to get more storage, and currently own a Dropbox Pro account. I use it religiously to securely share sound files with clients. It's a great tool to do so. With Copy, they seem to be giving me more bang for my buck (even if free! haha), and will be testing it out to see if it can be a viable replacement. If you would like to check Copy out for yourself, you can do so here. Let me know what you think!
  4. I'm excited to say that I will be at NAB this year. I've teamed up a really great company, cam crews. Also known as Crews Control. I will be sharing their booth this year. Come by and check out a Jokerbox in person. Number C12431 I also have a new video demonstrating my Jokerboxes. Check it out. www.jokerboxes.com
  5. Jokerboxes.com now offers a Jokerbox thats perfect for audio technicians. Its called the Half Jokerbox. These storage boxes interlock securely together when you stack them. And they are perfectly sized for your cart! Plus, you get to choose from five different lid choices. Check them out at: Jokerbox.com
  6. Hello! I've had my Lacie Rugged decide to just not connect on several occasions on location recently, and even though I've got the recordings on my 788's internal drive which I then backup on my bigger drive at home, I'm paranoid and like to make as many copies as possible So, can anyone recommend a sturdy location hard drive instead of the Rugged? Cheers! Eren
  7. This is mostly directed at those of you living in the Los Angeles area. I'm curious as to where you store your equipment when not on the job. I know many use their garage or home, so this question goes out to those that use something off site. Where?? Thanks. PWP
  8. Read about this today - basically a radio telescope to cover a large proportion of our country (and some of New Zealand) http://www.watoday.com.au/technology/sci-tech/wa-in-spotlight-as-space-race-heats-up-20120213-1t1hv.html The interesting part for me was the rate at which this 'SKA' will need to transmit and store data... 'To put it into perspective, the telescope will capture the equivalent of more than a million CD ROMs of data every minute' and 'the amount of data generated by the whole world in one year will need to be stored in a single day'
  9. Hey all, I'm curious how others are transporting and storing sound blankets. I'm a vehicleless New Yorker, with no permanent storage in a vehicle, so everything in the kit has to be on wheels, so to speak. Currently, I have 10 blankets across two big rubbermaid bins, though I'm starting to think I can reduce this number to 5 or 6. The bins end up having a pretty big footprint on the truck, and in my apartment. I was mulling over the idea of a rollercase kind of thing, the upright sort since the footprint is so small and wheels would be advantageous, but it seems a bit overkill and pricey. So, who has the gold star answer for this? Thanks, Harris K
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