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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, I've had the privilege of knowing, meeting and working with many of you over the years and while I may have been rolling MOS for a couple of years now I'm happy to say I'm back as an Engineer for a University Television and Film program. One of the largest discussions along with proper rates, working the job appropriate for the experience and "learning the ropes" I hear is wanting the green ears to know what they're doing. It seems the days of apprentices have passed and in the modern era of YouTube vlog stars where even you can get great production in the comfort of your own home we've lost learning the basics. I'm here to ask you as someone on the front lines with what I hope to be an influence on those rolling behind you, what do you want students to learn and how can they best help support you so that everyone gets work, you continue to be fairly compensated for your experience and time, and heck maybe even someday you can hang up the cans and retire on a beach knowing you'll still have good media to listen to. What should we be teaching students? What equipment should they be working with? or not working with? How can they help support your success and keep the good sound rolling?
  2. My name is Dan Canfield and I am a recent graduate that just moved out to San Francisco. I came up with a concept for Apple while in school and have talked briefly with Tim Cook, Phil Schiller, and other executives about this ground breaking concept, but the fact is I need your help in order to make this happen. So what is it? iLive is a premier student housing concept that fuses together student living with Apple technologies to create an interactive experience for the university student. iLive units feature practical and educational amenities that act as a testing ground for new Apple products and services. Units are premium priced and offer a top notch luxury experience that places this style of living in a whole new category. The buzz has been created but help me make this concept become a reality. Imagine a home where technology is seamlessly integrated into your lifestyle. From voice activated commands that control all aspects of the home, to wireless syncing, your home and personal devices work together to create an experience never witnessed before. There is no longer the question of how you would like to live, but the reality of iLive. Lets do it! Questions? dcanfield4@gmail.com
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