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Found 3 results

  1. I would like a remote power switch for my Nomad without paying 200-400 dollars for a Remote Audio BDSv4 or similar. A suggestion from another thread was to build a switch on to my current Hawk Woods NPA-SQN battery cup I would like to have this situated along the cable, not on the cup, as the cup will probably be in the bottom of the bag. I just received my first batch of Sugru so I could probably use that to patch/mount/encase as necessary. I can solder, but i have no idea how the elecronics of this situation should work. Any suggestions on how I should do this? What kind of switch component would I need (how many pins/connections etc)? Would it be better to use a regulated power adapter like this Hawk Woods NPR FR2 ? Is this simply a bad idea?
  2. Hello again, everyone. I'm writing you in a last attempt to decide upon a method of monitoring for my new rig I am putting together. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated because I honestly have been a pampered studio rat almost my entire career and I'm now being thrown into the deep-end of live audio.. I record award shows which sometimes have musical entertainment. Mostly it's podium, but sometimes there can be up to 24 tracks of misc. audio tracks I need to record. My basic rig I am putting together is a few 192 I/Os, Sync I/O, thunderbolt/PCIe converter into a laptop. As a backup, I am purchasing a JoeCo blackbox recorder. I have worked out my rack to be about 16 RU high, and now I need a good monitoring system that utilizes only 1 headphone plug - i.e. I don't want to go plugging my headphones around in the back of the rack to monitor the main recording as opposed to the backup, and I'd also like to possibly have a pre-Pro Tools feed as well to A-B the recording with. I am looking for an extremely compact headphone monitoring system where I can plug in many sources and monitor them easily by switching a turn-dial or something similar. Ideally it would be 1 RU... Have any of you had a similar problem to mine? How did you go about solving it?
  3. Now that my Nomad is having it's power switch repaired, it's time to invest in some kind of remote switch.... juuuuust in case.... Anyone have any recommendations? Currently powering Nomad is a Hawk-Woods shoe with a single hard-wired hirose4 (worryingly vulnerable), while my G2s/G3s are on AAs. Thing is, if I am looking at paying nearly the same for a switch as I would a switched distro, I would go with the distro for future proofing, seeing as I will eventually buy/borrow Zax or Lectro radios. Any thoughts?
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