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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All! Inspired by Rado's and Atheismystic's RM11/ COS technique threads, I have decided to post my own Tram-50 technique. My technique is similar to the turtle clip accessory offered by Tram, but offers a lower profile and the ability to customize/adapt the cage. It also avoids the vampire clips that come with the Tram mic cage. This technique isolates clothing from rubbing the mic capsules head. In addition, this techique allows the mic to act as a boundary microphone of sorts. I find this improves the tonal qualites of the mic and to my ears, makes the sound of the mic less hon
  2. So earlier on set today my Tram TR-50 BPS got yanked and broke at the base of the power supply. I was wounding if anyone knows how to disassemble the power supply so I can get access to the XLR circuit board without damaging anything?
  3. Hello, I am getting two sets of audio ltd 2020 radio systems and have a choice of either sony or a tram mic. What would you say about them and which is a better value you think? I already have two micron sets with dpa 4060 lavs and so i am used more to their form factor. Which one sounds better with audio ltd systems in your opinion? Thanks, Bartosz
  4. Hey all, I was lurking around on r.a.m.p.s. and I found some posts about this http://sanken.ch/english/det2-11.htm Thought it was strange but I don't think this chart was inside my sanken case when I bought them (brand new). Is it the way there are borders/edges are creating a Helmholz resonator? Seems like a neat way to boost HF. Can this be done in some way with other microphones? Or figuring out ways to take advantage of this property of sound even more so in other cases. I actually didn't think Sanken could do this until I found this on r.a.m.p.s. I feel like I could us
  5. I have been using DPA 4060 lavs for a few years now, for both environmental field recording and dialogue recording, and have always been blown away by how much detail they pick up for a miniature microphone! Recently, for the first time I found myself using some Tram lavs to capture dialogue on a shoot, and I must say I absolutely love them. Although they don't pick up the top-end as well as the 4060s, they seem do deal with the low-mids better and really add a particular warmth that I found to be lacking in the DPA lav mics. I also find them easier to mix with my Rode NTG3 recordings. A
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