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Found 5 results

  1. Having an 'old' set in my bag, soon to be unusable over here, what would be the price to reblock my set?
  2. Selling a lightly used TRX900 transmitter and receiver pair that I used for about a year as a camera hop. It is block 24. Every cable you could need is included, as is the original blue zipper bag and a 4GB micro SD card. Price is $3500 firm. List of cables: -(1) 5 Pin XLR to 5 Pin XLR (Receiver to Alexa audio) -(2) 5 Pin XLR to Y Stereo XLR -(1) 5 Pin XLR to Y Stereo 1/8" (Receiver to RED Epic/Scarlet) -(1) Stereo Y XLR to TA5 (Transmitter input cable) -(1) 10' Transmitter power and audio extension snake -(1) 2 Pin Lemo Power -(1) 3 Pin Fischer Power -(1) P-tap Power If interested, please email bmartel@mac.com
  3. Hello guys, I've been reading this forum for quite a long time, but that's my first thread. I have quite a problem understanding the correct wiring of COS11D for my TRX900LTH. I went through all topics concerning that, but can't figure it out. What I came up with is that wiring diagram on Sanken website is in conflict with Zaxcom recommendation and some posts here on the forum. I'll be very grateful if someone can post an idiot proof wiring that is the correct one, so that people with poor wiring knowledge can at least show it to a technician and avoid confusion. Thank you in advance, Alex
  4. Hi All, Considered posting this Q on the Sound Devices forum, but since this includes questions regarding both the 552 and Zaxcom I thought I'd post here instead. I'd like to utilize the TC rec start option on my 552, and was wandering if I could use the TC output on my STA150 to feed into the TC input on my 552? I presume I need a custom cable, 1/8" from STA150 to TA3F on the 552. 552 manual states I need the TA3F to be: Pin 1 & 3 = ground, Pin 2 = hot. Any specifics on the wiring of the mini jack from the STA150? Zaxcom manual hurts my head so I can't even begin to find info on wiring specifics. Any user experience or "gotchas" would be appreciated. Cheers! Jason
  5. So up until now I've not really had a reason to play with the recording feature of my Zaxcom TRX900AA as I've used the 552 internal recorder instead. I'm heading to a friends wedding tomorrow and he asked if I would mic up the Celebrant, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to try out the recording feature of my TRX. I decided to do a couple of test runs before the wedding so whilst on location this afternoon I did some recordings to the TRX from the output of my 552, and then when I got home I took off the STA150, added my DPA4063 and mic'd myself up for 20 mins. I used Zaxconvert to transfer both files to 24/48k WAV files, but both files were unusable. There is a lot of interruptions and what I can only describe as "hits", though there shouldn't be any RF interference in both instances. I'll be taking the TRX in to my local dealer as soon as I can, but in the meantime, was just wandering if anyone out there may have experienced this before and knows of a fix, or if perhaps (most likely) I am doing something wrong. The TRX900 is updated with the latest firmware. Thanks everyone! Jason
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