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Found 2 results

  1. YouTube has a fascinating piece about a new virtual set technology demoed at Siggraf. Actors work in front of a high res, large LCD like an old-fashioned rear projection... But instead of projecting a pre-shot still or moving plate, the system renders in real time... with real perspective, based on the lens and camera position! Move the camera, and elements on the plate shuffle around with it to keep the background realistic from the camera's POV. Meanwhile, the actors get more of a sense of working in an environment, rather than against a screen. On top of that, the director can sit at a laptop with virtual viewfinders, exploring the look of any kind of lens from anywhere in the shooting area. And the art director can move individual elements, such as shifting a car to the other side of the street if it looks better... As I understand it - and I'm not a vfx guy - the system can respond to only one camera position at a time. (Shades of the "tech snafu" pinch in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.) So the director can't use two cameras. And, hopefully, you can get a boom in there. Prediction: this will get cheaper, stop being a 'special effect', and because of lower cost will replace a lot of location work. Other prediction: they'll come up with some way to code multiple images for two or three cameras - maybe using polarization - and we'll be back where we started with tight and wide.
  2. I'm a sound recordist in central Auckland (happy to travel anywhere else in NZ/Oz/Pacific), available also as boom op or utility in sound departments. Experienced on features / shorts / docos / virtual reality / corporates / etc. Check out my website for my current rates and to contact me: http://ironfilm.co.nz/sound/ Sound gear I own (partial list): Sound Devices 552 mixer/recorder. 2x Tascam DR680 eight track recorders (can be cascaded together for 14 tracks simultaneous recording). Petrol PS614 mixing bag (with harness, & Sony BP-U battery system). 6x wireless pairs (Sony UWP-D11, RØDE RodeLink, Sennheiser G3) Sennheiser ME66/K6 super-cardioid microphone with Rycote Softie. RØDE NTG2 shotgun microphone. Oktava MK-012 hypercardioid microphone. Samson C02 cardioid microphone. RØDE Blimp v2 & deadcat. Tascam DR60D 4 track recorder. RØDE VideoMic Pro. Zoom H1 handheld recorder. Am a team player knowledgeable in lighting and camera craft as well, and on small crews able to lend a hand pitching in alongside being a soundie with my versatile background.
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