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Found 3 results

  1. Dobar dan/ Good day! I am Petra Mrsa, an artist from Rijeka, Croatia (www.petramrsa.com) and in this time of being glued to my computer, I was thinking about music, sound and about what people that record audio as their job are doing in this restricted period. The job that I often do is to bring people together to experience noninstitutional and unexpected cooperation. In this special situation of isolation, I would like to invite people to come together through their voices. Voice is personal and communicative and can involve people of different nationalities and distances. I would like to gather the voices of people who mainly enable other beings, appearances and things to be heard, so of those who are more on technical side of sound production (recording sound for movies, music or field recording). How to gather those voices? If your job is sound recording and you are interested in participating, I would send you a 4 minutes impro voice recording. After listening, you can react to it with your voice, record it and add it to the original recording. Then this goes further and builds by new reactions. Thanks to the help of my friends, this sound invitations have been sent to all corners of the world and they will travel and built up for the next month until the 20th of May. Then all the voice compositions will be gathered in one place (sound cloud) and I would send to contributors a link to it. Additionally, I’ll share it with the public in a Croatian art space and inform contributors about it. The material will be open source and everyone will be able to use it. I am very sorry that I can not offer a fee. This initiative does not have a budget, so if you don't find a reason to participate, it is understandable that you will not join. If you have any questions or you are interested in joining, please contact me petramrski@gmail.com. Thank you a lot for reading and all the best with making and capturing sounds! Petra
  2. Who is your favorite actor/actress voice (famous and not famous)? For me: - Michael Caine - Javier Bardem - Sandra Oh (from Grey's Anatomy) - Morgan Freeman
  3. Hi Everyone, For those of you who are wondering what the Voice Technologies VT5000 sounds like, I made a review for a tech website I'm freelancing for, "Bright Side of News" I'm pretty awkward in front of the camera, but the point of the video was to compare it side by side against a Sennheiser 416. 480p minimum on a non-mobile devices sounds best. Because of publisher deadlines I had to rush the review a bit. So I forgot to test the female voice, wind handling, and some other tests. For the most part, the VT5000 sounds a bit nasaly as if you're hearing a computer microphone across Skype. I also had to do a bit of audience hand-holding since the majority of the site's readers are into computer hardware, and not entertainment gear. If you have any other questions, I still have the mic with me, and can test what I can. Enjoy, Matt
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