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Found 3 results

  1. Here we are. Pianissimo is ready for shipping ! Many demo units all around ! Ask your dealer. Lightweight world champion, First of all, Pianissimo is a bet for new generations of "shortenned" short shotguns like DPA 4017B/C, Sennheiser MKH8060, Sanken CS1.... and awaited. Short body end microphones are generally difficult to mount with a (enough flexible) indoor suspension, but will find the perfect place in Pianissimo ! http://vimeopro.com/ipstv/ips-tv-at-ibc-2014/video/106258092 More infos: http://www.cinela.fr/pianissimo.php?language=en Download link for AES paper, presented at AES 2009 in Munich : "Handling Noise Analysis in Large Cavity Microphone Windshields. Improved Solution" http://www.aes.org/e-lib/browse.cfm?elib=14970
  2. Now the proud owner of a cinela pianissimo, thought others may be interested to see a comparison with rycote windshields. FWIW, the cinela pianissimo is roughly the same size as the rycote AE stereo windshield. Will report on performance in the next few weeks as I only picked it up yesterday! More info from cinela here: http://www.cinela.fr/pianissimo.php Pictured: old style 416 rycote , stereo AE, pianissimo mkh m/s (with top cover off) & mkh50 w/bb gag
  3. Well, looks like I got a great deal deal on a bazook.. a Sennheiser 815T. Now, in addition to doing push-ups so I can actually boom with the mic, I'm gonna be shopping for a Kleintuchel-XLR adapter and obviously a suspension mount and windshield that are up to the task of housing this monster. Any other suggestions than Rycote? Rycote would probably be great but it'll end up costing several times the price of the mic.
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