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  1. ===UPDATE=== We're all set for January 9th, hope you can meet us there. Special Guest: Colleen Goodsir - Zaxcom Jack Norflus - Zaxcom Guru Pedro Rocha - DPA Jan. 9th Only Promotions: - Audio Dept pays Sales Tax on Zaxcom purchases - Audio Dept $50 Zaxcom Discount Card (valid until 1/31/16) - 10% off DPA Free Food & Drinks: - Tacos Hell Yeah and Rasta Rita Margaritas On January 9th, 2016, we will be having an event to familiarize YOU with the Zaxcom Oasis. Come join us for some personalized hands on training. Tacos and Margaritas will be provided! If you want to be entered in the raffle and win some free stuff, please RSVP at the link below (must be present to win). Special event deals and promotions to be announced! Please RSVP at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/discovering-oasis-tickets-19941326043
  2. Hey guys, Avid reader and new to the production sound scene. I've doing location sound for about a year now with good success doing corporate, 2 features and a bunch of shorts. Upgraded to my first nice indoor mic (neumann km150). So here's the deal: got my first gig that's got me pretty nervous. I've been asked to do sound for an interview with Martin Scorcese. My first thought was that I have to upgrade to a sound devices and some lectros or zaxcom lavs along with my indoor boom. I've been getting by with a tascam 680 and sennheiser g3's with a cos-11 mic. I know it's prosumer and I"m saving up for the next round of upgrades (I can rent too) but just not there yet. I'm confident that I can deliver clean, balanced tracks using my gear to it's full potential. What I'm kinda scared of is showing up on set with my gear and getting looks from Scorcese and the production crew like, 'who invited this guy?' Am I right to be nervous about my gear or is this a case of 'it's not the arrows but the archer'. Your thoughts and opinions would be much appreciated.
  3. Hi guys, I hope that you could help me. I would like to make myself an USB serial cable for connecting 3 QRXs together. The problem is that I have already done one as it said in the manual but it did not work. I have connected the pins on USBs like this: QRX USB OUT -> QRX USB IN 2 -> 1 3 -> 4 If I try to change gain on the slave unit it does not work ... Now I am not sure if I did the cable right ... Thank you for all the ideas and help you could give me Martin J.
  4. I'm using my Zaxcom Nomad 10 for some months now and I'm pretty happy about it. I've used it for EFP and short movies and that did work very well: 1 or 2 booms, up to 4 wireless receivers (3 Sennheiser EK 3041 and one zaxcom RX900). But for my next project I'm running out of inputs as I need 1 boom, 4-5 wireless receivers and M/S-stereo all the time. I'm planning on buying a qrx200 and 2 trxla2 as upgrade for my setup. What would be the best setup to connect them all to my Nomad, I really like to keep it as small as possible as it needs to fit in my bag.
  5. Clutch Synchro is proud to announce availability of the ERX line of Interconnects. The cables are specifically made for either the ERX-3 (Locking) series of ERX-1 (Non locking Right angle) to specific cameras. Our first shipping product in this series is a standard ENG setup with XLR (mono) for audio and BNC for Timecode. We also have specific cables for the Red Epic/Scarlet and the Arri Alexa series that are both 2 weeks from shipping. All are available for direct purchase at www.clutchsynchro.com Hit me directly with any questions of course. brian@clutchsound.com
  6. I just got an email from Zaxcom about the new ERX firmware v2.0 - http://zaxcom.com/software_update/erx-v2-0/ This is yet another awesome free update from Zaxcom. Thanks for listening so carefully to your users! Mark O.
  7. I'm looking into a tablet and getting conflicting info. Scaling issues on smaller than 12 inch tablets. What is the best choice?
  8. I was on a job and had a lot of tracks to record. After a few hours, I wanted to free some space, so we could keep recording. So I wanted to change directory and delete the files there. But I didn't and I deleted the files from the current session - without all of them being copied to my secondary card. At first I thought 'no problem, recovery software will do the trick', but unfortunately Zaxcom uses zax-files :-/ What can I do to restore my files?
  9. So here is a something that has been puzzling me for a little while, despite my best efforts with google JW search and the Nomad manual - How the hell do I bus and get AES out of a Nomad? do I have to build a DB-15 to XLR breakout cable? (I am not very practiced with a soldering iron) How about in the bus routing menu? The reason I ask - I was geeking-out over my friends F-5 the other day and I noticed that the XLR inputs had the usual LINE/MIC/+48 switches, but they also had Analog/AES switch. This in-and-of-itself is not amazing, but I started thinking about sending up to 4 separate tracks to the camera with my existing break-away cable and how happy that would make post. Is my understanding of AES skewed (naïve)? Do I really need to use a breakout cable? Why does the Nomad need a breakout cable, but SD 664, 633, 788, etc. can route AES through the existing XLR outputs? Wouldn't it be swell to keep an audio stream digital rather than going in and out of A/D-D/As? Thank you, Ben
  10. Hey Sound Geeks, I'm unsure about the TRXLA2's power roll set up as I'm getting some readings on the screen that seem weird and aren't explained in the manual. I could do with some advise please. I thought the settings to use power roll from 25mw to 125mw should be: TX POWER set to 25MW and POWER ROLL set to record trigger. This would then boost the power to full from the dormant power setting (25mw) However, when power roll is set to on the TX POWER screen shows (50MW) underneath where the power setting shows 25MW. what does the power in brackets mean? Also, with the above settings, when i go into the power roll screen (which is set to record trigger) it momentarily flashes up with a '50MW'. what does this mean? is that the power it's kicking up to when record is engaged? The other way someone suggested it could work is to select full power in the power screen and turn power roll on. Enabling the power roll would reduce the power from 125mw to 25mw when not recording. Which way round is it? What settings are you guys using?...Glenn?!...Help!! Many thanks
  11. I have been using my nomad for quite some time now. All of a sudden a strange thing happend when I hooked up my gear today. I use 1 boom and 3 wireless on input 1 to 4. Input 1 is sent to out 1, 2 to 4 to out 2. But input 2 is also on output 1 (pre). Routing all seems ok... Seems like I am overlooking something, but what?
  12. Hey everyone, I'm curious to see if anyone is using the new Master Lockit to feed continuous jam to the Nomad in the sound bag, and whether or not the Master Lockit's own 2.4ghz transmission to other ACN lockits onset are causing interference with various zaxnet commands, given that they'd be physically so close together in the bag? Cheers! Eren
  13. Having an 'old' set in my bag, soon to be unusable over here, what would be the price to reblock my set?
  14. Hey guys, I could've sworn I'd once seen a picture in the 'show me your bag' section of a Nomad with Sound Devices faders (552,664), but can't seem to find it anymore. Has anyone seen this type of setup? I just purchased a Nomad (yay!) but discovered afterwards that I didn't love the feel of Nomad's faders.. So here we are! Is it as simple as unscrewing Nomad's faders and replacing them with SD? I suppose I don't know the diameter of what's controlling underneath and whether or not they're compatible. All ideas are welcome! Cheers. Pinkywinkle
  15. Hey all, im about to enter the world of Zaxcom, switching over from Sound Devices. I've been using a 788 with CLWIFI in a bag for pretty much any job. What I loved about this was entering notes in from my iPhone using the CLWIFI app and subsequently being able to send off my PDF sound report at the end of the day with all track naming, Timecode and note metadata embedded. As I understand, there's nothing quite like that for the nomad at present. With Nomad touch it seems you can do something similar, but CSV instead of PDF and using a windows tablet instead of our iPhones. The last thread I could find on this topic on JW was dated back to 2013, so I thought to ask if there's been any developments not documented on this forum. Further to this, and while it could be a new thread altogether I feel it's still relevant: do any Zaxcom users on here play with Timecode Buddy hardware and Movie slate app for notes? I've been impressed by what the new TCB Wave product can do, but it seems the data port only plays with SD mixer / recorders, like the CLWIFI. No mention of Nomad. Thanks in advance! cheers, pinky
  16. Hi everyone, Thank you in advance for any help on the topic. I've been an all zaxcom user for a few years now and have never ran into any problems before. I am currently supervising a show and using the erx2s on a Sony f55 for refrence and tc. In the past, I've never, ever had tc issues. Now, I have been experiencing a drift, even when my Nomad is within six inches of the erx. The DIT, AC and I verified the drift was one second slower on both erxs when I am right next to it, (the erx, not the camera display). When I power cycled the erx, it pick up my tc immediately which men's it is transmitting from my nomad and recieving into the erx. I just sent my nomad in to zaxcom to be updated for use with the fp8, and am on MR57. This is the only difference in my package since my last 50 flawless gigs. If any one has had this issue or can help shed some light, I'd love to correct this. Thanks again, Audio Aaron
  17. Hi all, I have been asked to do sound on a 5D shoot. - Mk2 or Mk3 (TBD). - Sometimes a pair of 5Ds. - It is documentary. - We will shoot in Armenia. - No post house on board yet. - Editor not yet confirmed. - Likely to stay like that until we return from Armenia. - First production meeting Saturday. I have some obvious concerns about sync. - I have only one Lockit. - My pair of Tentacle Sync boxes might not arrive by then. So plan is: ERX on each 5D; - 5D Left track - scratch mix (for PluralEyes) - 5D Right track - TC (for AuxTC Reader) For the interviews this seems fine (they will be boarded) For the event coverage (marches, concert etc) where cams will cut & roll at will, I plan to roll a continuous take on Nomad, as much as possible. I’ve downloaded trial versions of both programs to test the workflow, when I get my hands on a camera. Questions: - Could long audio and/or video takes cause problems with this sync set up? - What is the appropriate way to pad down the TC for 5Ds mic level input? - Any suggestions for improvements to this (provisional) system? - Anyone done this before care to share their findings? Many Thanks, B
  18. FreqFinder version 1.8 for Android has been released and iOS version 2.3 is soon to follow. And what is new to both is worthy of a little bit of explanation. Settings which will affect the intermodulation calculation have been added. iPhone users had the 3x3 and 2x7 settings previously. The transmitter spacing and intermod spacing factors will be added soon. A summary of each of the settings: - Enable 7th Order Products This setting was enabled by default. Turning it off will provide you with more compatible channels at the cost of the quality of those channels. 7th Order Products tend to be much less severe and therefore users may wish to disable their calculation. - Enable 3 TX 3rd Order Products This setting was also enabled by default. Turning it off will provide you with more compatible channels at the cost of the quality of those channels. 3 TX 3rd Order products occur mainly when you have large groups of radios in tighter spaces. One might disable this if he were reasonably sure that the transmitters will be rather spread out. - Intermodulation Spacing Factor The default for this setting has always been at its least conservative. This is the padding between a transmitter and any intermodulation product. Increasing this value will result in fewer compatible channels. ***Note that the number itself is rather arbitrary. I do ask that you play with different settings and if you come to any interesting conclusions, I would very much like to hear them*** - Transmitter Spacing Factor This factor determines the minimum spacing between transmitters according to their bandwidth. The calculation averages two transmitters' bandwidths and then multiplies by this factor to determine the spacing. The default for this setting has always been at its least conservative, however a couple of transmitters have built in alternative minimum spacings (Lectrosonics has 300khz). This setting will override that minimum if it calculates a larger spacing. Even with maximum settings, a user will still get 10 channels out of a single Lectrosonics block. These controls are meant to provide extra protection and still allow a users with larger transmitter counts the ability to squeeze more channels in. I would recommend for most cart setups dialing the settings to maximum and keeping them there. I want to note that for these settings, you can not dial down the settings midway through adding transmitters and expect the first set of transmitters to stay protected at the higher settings. When you change the settings, all of the transmitters are protected at those settings. On that note, hopefully everyone has noticed the "Protection" switch on the transmitter details page. That is meant to add transmitters which would contribute to intermodulation but for which you do not care about the performance of the transmitters. In the future I'd like to have three protection options (NONE, DEFAULT, and EXTREME) that would allow for extra protection to selected transmitters. I hope everyone is finding FreqFinder suitable to their needs, and as always I love to hear from you guys. Best, James
  19. I was charged over $17 in shipping for a package that weighs 12 grams! Thanks so much.
  20. Hey all, Recently I was on a shoot with another soundie who had a Nomad and I realised that my Maxx had a fader lag (maybe 0,3s) that wasnt there on the Nomad. Just wondering if its just mine or are all the Maxx like this? Thanks, ps: senator; yes I will contact the manufacturer about this but would still like the group the weigh in. Franky
  21. The new camera link beta testing has officially begun.
  22. Some days ago, I shot a couple of long scenes in a very crowded shopping center where the background was very loud. I had 3 Zaxcom LANC transmitters and, at the last minute, I had to add an other mic and I used a backup Sennheiser G3. All had Sanken Cos11 as mic. Yesterday, I listened at the files in ProTools and noticed that the Sennheiser had a better separation between actor voice and background noise. I compared it (it was mounted on a man) with an other male actor standing beside him, but having Zaxcom Tx, with the mic in the same position and at the almost identical level of voice and the Zaxcom had the background noise at a noticeable higher level. Someone using different brands of wireless experienced something similar (even comparing other brands than mine)? Coul it be a more aggressive setting of the Sennheiser expander? Just curious. Vale.
  23. Simple question here: do you prefer the DPA brand concealer (DMM0012) or the LMC Sound C Mount Vampire Clip for hiding 4063's. I'm interested in all of the obvious performance benchmarks, such as transmission of clothing noise. LMC: http://lmcsound.com/products/c-mount/ DPA: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/545888-REG/DPA_Microphones_DMM0012_DMM0012_Miniature_Concealer_for.html
  24. Hello all, I've been using the Fusion 12 for a while now and suddenly I am hearing a high pitched tone on inputs 9-12. I hear the tone regardless of whether or not the Fusion is connected to the MIx 12. I hear it on PFL with the fader up or down and also when the fader is up nomally. I also hear it with all inputs disconnected but only on 9-12. It sounds like a 240 cycle hum or higher but it's hard to say for sure. Anyone else heard of this problem?
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