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  1. Hi Members- Before jumping into the Zaxcom family, I wanted to hear your thoughts on the range of Zaxnet on a Nomad without any additional amplification or antennae. Here's the question: Will Zaxnet (without any additional amplification or antennae) have a better range than my old Comtek M-72 to PR-72's? Will it rival my Lectrosonics 50 mw LMa beltpack transmitter in IFB mode running to Lectro R1a's??? Thanks in advance for anyone able to give me a rough comparison.... -Vincent
  2. Hey crew. Will try to bring you up to speed with my thoughts / needs and hoping for some opinions. Sorry if this post is a little all over the place. I have been using a Fostex PD-6 for some years now and frankly love it aside from a few things. Namely the time consuming data transfer at the days end, and some specific functionalities. Have always ogled over other mixers using the Devas and feel like I'd much prefer Zaxcom than a Sound Devices. I am primarily a cart mixer however the past few shows have required fast switching between cart and portabrace bag set ups. Therefore I have built a smaller "bag cart" and been mixing without the EX-12 extension to the PD-06 (read as: more annoyance with data management/transfer) I must point out that I am young and in a state of growth. Starting to work on larger productions. The Fostex was a great solution for some years due to the price point and bang for buck. Wanting to move to something with less hassle transferring and managing media, I considered the Nomad, however for many reasons I considered the SD 664 but 48kHz max is a deal breaker. I record SFX libraries as well and need high sample rates. I've ruled both the Nomad and Fusion out. I've come to the conclusion that the Deva is the way to go (after reading a lot of user manuals, still have not tried any of these and plan to.) I will be buying used. I would like to find a Deva in good condition with accessories, (cables, portabrace, hard case, drive caddy's etc..) just as I did when buying my PD6 years ago. Since the driving factor is moving to solid state / flash media, I believe that the Deva 5.8 to be the best option. However, I do not see many used compared to the Deva V. I am aware the Deva V can use flash media (via USB?) but is this only to transfer data after its been recorded? I very much like the idea of being able to burn a DVDRAM (I still have many, and the luxury of handing some disks to DIT and going home is quite nice,) That said, does the Deva V burn regular DVDs or DVDRAM?... Additionally I like the idea of having CF cards as well and the internal spinning hard disk for longer record times etc. Regarding price and being realistic, a Deva V seems so much more attainable at my current budget level and based on availability (looking in the JW buy and sell and Trew audio consignment for example) However having only 4 pots for mixing in a bag is a concern to me and also the lack of integrated compact flash media (unless plugging in via a reader is truly reliable?) I will eventually get into a mix-8 or mix-12 for the cart so a Deva V would be more workable mix wise, however I don't want to shoot myself in the foot with buying a machine thats "too old" like the FostexPD6.. Part of me keeps coming back to the Fostex PD-606. Perhaps I am jumping too far ahead and should consider the PD606.. I like the Pd6 and always thought I would advance to the bigger brother in the Fostex line. However I am really trying to get away from "buy cheap , buy twice" Once again, sorry for the scattered thoughts in this post. I plan to buy in the spring / summer of next season so I do have some time, but this investment is weighing a lot on my mind and I would like to really hash some things out by getting the opinions of some folks who have first hand experiences with these machines. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I will answer any questions you may have and post more thoughts and details as they come to mind. I appreciate your opinions!
  3. Selling a lightly used TRX900 transmitter and receiver pair that I used for about a year as a camera hop. It is block 24. Every cable you could need is included, as is the original blue zipper bag and a 4GB micro SD card. Price is $3500 firm. List of cables: -(1) 5 Pin XLR to 5 Pin XLR (Receiver to Alexa audio) -(2) 5 Pin XLR to Y Stereo XLR -(1) 5 Pin XLR to Y Stereo 1/8" (Receiver to RED Epic/Scarlet) -(1) Stereo Y XLR to TA5 (Transmitter input cable) -(1) 10' Transmitter power and audio extension snake -(1) 2 Pin Lemo Power -(1) 3 Pin Fischer Power -(1) P-tap Power If interested, please email bmartel@mac.com
  4. Yes, as if we need yet another thread but given Nomad lite is essentially a 664 so far as inputs and track counts and most of the features. Thought we could do a rough comparison over which one might be for some people over another. I've attached some pictures for size comparisons. Zaxcom's Nomad Lite does have some nice features like NeverClip and their "soft knee compressor" vs. SD's hard limiter. Obviously the size is different. The weight of the Nomad is 3.8 pounds without batteries vs. 4 pounds 12 ounces on the 664. Sound Devices has a good history of reliable machines and easy to use menu structures. Nomad changes the game with the way the unit mixes (eg. 1 gain, 6 faders) but is it something people can make a switch to - yes, people have - but is it a new "standard" when everyone wants more channels and less size?
  5. I'm looking to upgrade to a pair of Zax radios and a receiver for bag work. I am mainly curious about the difference in range and power efficiency between the LA2/LT2. I'm wondering: 1) Is the LT2 available at 125 mW? perhaps via special order / mod? 2) How is range with 50mW using whip antennae on the QRX235? (I'm working from a bag) 3) Does the LT2 run twice as long as LA2 assuming same power setting etc? 4) Or like 2/3 of a day instead of half a day? 5) Is there any advantage to the QRX200 over the QRX235? (I remember Rado looking to swap his 235 for a 200 but don't remember why) No Zax dealer in my country so any advice/experience is much appreciated.
  6. Hey Guys, First post in the forum, been lurking for a while. So my upgrade aspirations in the future include DPA lav's and a complete Zaxcom Nomad with the TRXLA2's. Currently I'm using G3's into a DR-680 as my wireless solution. My question is, because DPA's are so expensive, I'd rather not rebuy them when I upgrade to the Zaxcom. So if I get microdot-terminated 4063's, will they work on both G3's and TRXLA2's? I thought I read something here that the lower voltage 4063's could work fine on higher voltages? Many thanks for your kind help.
  7. Can the ZaxPaq be used to house four QRX100 units with the MicPlexer placed connected from outside of the ZaxPaq? if so are there any drawbacks to this approach? Thanks, B
  8. I'm making a timecode cable for ERX2TCD to 5 Pin Lemo for Red One Cameras. I'm planning on wiring Tip (3.5mm TRS) to Pin 2 (5 Pin Lemo). Do I need to wire ground (Pin 1 for RED one)? If so were does it connect on the TRS? New to making timecode cables. One day at a time...
  9. Hi. My name is Eugene. I'm working under a Production Sound team based in Korea. Our team recently switched our Recorder from Fostex PD6 to Zaxcom's Fusion12. As you can see the huge years gap between the two recorder, and also our lack of English to properly navigate through the manual or google searches etc. we are facing many difficulties to make this new fancy gear work properly. So if anyone can kindly help us out, it will be a great help. 1. File naming issue. we are wondering if Fusion12 has an option to save the recorded files name as "Scene_Take" instead of the default "segnamez000.zax(/wav)" we came to an answer to use WaveAgent to rename the files, after copying to our PC but if we can save it as "Scene_Take.zax(/wav)" from the beginning that will save huge time for us. 2. Zaxconvert, MacOSX freeze we were testing the Zaxconvert, works as it suppose to on our PC. but when we tried it on our Macbook pro(we did downloaded the newest 'for Mac' from Zaxcom) we faced an issue. The program itself runs. But when we click the Translate Files after setting options and output folder, another pop-up window showes up with a progress bar saying "Translating Files". but the progress bar never shows any progress being done, and freezes. (Can't even force quit) Our MacOSX version is 10.9.3, we bought it brand new just for the purpose to work with Fusion. Only other program on the Macbook is Protools, WavAgent and BWFmanager. Anyone had simlar issue? Solutions? 3. Testing Sample rate 192 & no sound on Headphone as the Fusion manual recommended, we did Factory Reset to make sure turning off all the effects and also changed the Rate step by step from 48>96>192. we test recorded 1 files each used 4 channel on all the sample rates. It was lagging a bit on 192 but was ok. But after recording 192, when we tried to go back to 96, Fusion12 Freezed. we had to turn off the recorder and turn it back on. And suddenly from that point, our headphone stopped. (which is the main reason we decided to post this topic for help) Headphone works fine on other devices. the Recorder is still getting levels from the mics. It's just something wrong between the recorder and our headphone and we can't find what it could be. More surprisingly, we lost the way to go to 'headphone volume' screen. We thought maybe somehow the Volume is off and wanted to check it, we all saw it before when we were testing other things. And no one of our team is able to reach that screen again. On the Manual it says press 'HPH' button and it will go to Headphone Options and if we press it again it will go to Headphone Volume. But now we only have Headphone Options and Home Screen. Also going through pressing 'Menu > Headphone options setting' way is lost as well. We tried Factory Reset, Changed Sample Rate to 48k still Headphone not working.
  10. Hello All! Is it only us who use the "Scene + Shot + Take" sequence on our slates for scripted material (in french: scene + plan + prise) ? Just wondering how other Quebec soundies keep up with the "shot" (plan) info on their recorders. I have the Maxx and usually put the shot in the "notes" field... but i find its not ideal because I have to write all of it each time... any suggestions? Thanks in advance... Franky
  11. We are adding a case for the Zaxcom ERX's to our line up. We are expecting to be shipping these in the beginning of August and we expect the retail price to be less than $15 US. We are also looking for feed back on the design of the case since we are still making minor changes to it. Here are photos of the prototype.
  12. Hi- I'm traveling through Chicago and need some last minute Zaxcom gear. Does anyone know a dealer in Chicago that maintains stock? Any ERX's available? -Vincent
  13. I thought since I have taken so much from this forum I should give something back. My ERX2TCD would not jam an Alexa the other day with a custom lemo/5pin xlr split cable I made. The problem turned out to be not enough voltage coming from the ERX2TCD's default timecode output voltage of .062. This was enough voltage to pass the test of jamming my 664, but not enough for the camera. Here's the fix: enter the extended menu by powering down the receiver and power up while holding the menu button, scroll though the options by pressing the menu button until you get to the "TC Output Level" menu. Use the arrows to turn it up to 0.250. Hope this helps someone. cheers, Andy
  14. Guys and Gals - When mirroring from a Deva 5 and or a Deva 16, does anyone have any experience with SD cards being used in CF adapters ? I had a shoot yesterday with the client handing me an SD card. They did not plan on any sort of data wrangling process and were just taking all the files home on CF cards (pictures) and an SD card (sound) Not a huge problem - but it could have been, if they were any tighter on their flight. I did have to get out the laptop and transfer from my CF card to their SD card. It might have been the very first time I had used the SD slot on my MacBook Pro! Anyway, it just made me think that it might be a good investment to get and work with a couple of SD cards and appropriate CF adapters - SanDisk Extreme Pro seems to work fine for me. Any issues anyone knows of ? FW power transfers just fine? or not MF
  15. I bought a Mix 12 a week ago and I'm experiencing a problem with the ZaxNet trim assignment. My setup is: Fusion 12; 2 QRX100 going into the Fusion via AES Inputs 5-8; TRX LANC IDs are 13-16 (according to what Howy said about adding +8 to the digital inputs TX ID); Mix 12 set 1-4 Analog, 1-8 Digital (so, my wireless were on 9-12 Channels). Trying i.e. the first TX, I've selected Mix 12 Input Trim Tx ZaxNet in the Digital Input 5. Even with this selection, I can see the Mix12 trim changing the channel input level, not the tx gain level. So, I'm not being able to control Zaxnet trims for my digital inputs. Any ideas is appreciated. PS. I've already wrote to Howy and he's looking into the problem. Asking here too, bacause maybe someone here could have been in this situation and solved in some way. Thanks, Vale.
  16. It was suggested in the Nomad thread that there should be a separate Auto-Mix thread so Auto-Mix posts don't get lost in the massive Nomad thread. So I guess this should be the place to post Auto-Mix setting, thoughts and comments. Happy Mixing.
  17. Does anyone know the travel time from analog input to analog output of the Nomad 10? Is there any latency? I'll run a test at some point, but just wondering if anyone has this info already. -Thanks Vincent
  18. Greetings Audiophiles! We have so many exciting things happening this month that I had to post a re-cap to remind you all of the neat stuff Gotham Sound is bringing to you! First of all! Have you bought your ticket to Gotham Sound and Tekserve present: The Sound of Boardwalk Empire? This event takes place February 8th in NYC. A few tickets are left so jump on it! Tickets and info here! Next! To support all our local soundies during the Superbowl weekend we will be open Saturday, February 1st from 10am to 2pm. All this week we will be offering free messenger service for small rentals and expendable orders in New York City. Of Course, We are running a special- buy any expendables online and we'll ship you a FREE LECTRO FLASK (modeled after the WM transmitter, thank you Sonam Gray). Go ahead, check out our site! Finally! Zaxcom surprised us all with BIG NEWS for the wireless world! We have a nice comprehensive compilation of the new products and info on our site, as well as some photos from the awesome soiree held at the Black Door last Thursday. Stay tuned because I guarantee there will be more big news coming soon! Thanks for all your support! Christina and the Gotham Team
  19. So Maxx is currently well into beta testing and so far it is passing with flying colors. Just a few more software tweaks and they will start shipping. My impressions so far: I like that Maxx is very compact and light weight. The screen brightness when turned to 11 is quite bright - Zaxcom has somehow made the screen even brighter than in Nomad - and the removal of the plastic overlay cuts down on glare which adds to the visibility. The menu structure is very similar to Nomad so anybody who is familiar with Nomad can jump right in with no learning curve. I like the added dedicated PFL buttons. As for the down side - they are all software related annoyances which will be fixed prior to release.
  20. A Holiday Treat from Zaxcom - We're pleased to announce the BETA release of Maxx software Version 2.0! Features include: -2 Extra analog line-level inputs, the return inputs are now routable! -10 Channel auto mixer -8 Record busses -Auto pan function -Input trims are adjustable on track meter menu Download it here: http://www.zaxcom.com/software-updates The new user manual reflecting the new functionality is available for download here: http://www.zaxcom.com/instruction-manuals Hope you all have a fantastic holiday season, our offices are closed until January 2nd but support can be found on our forum or through our support email portal.
  21. This was posted in one of the 633 threads today - I didn't wan't to hijack that thread so I brought it over here. Newzik - I heard that there are going to be some really kick ass software updates coming for Maxx, so since you waited this long you might want to hang in there
  22. Hey Everyone, Production took off on me before I could take my ERX off their camera. This was in Englishtown NJ, but they were on their way to Bethlehem PA and the crew is from LA. The serial number is 1173 and it had a Bodyglove EZ View case and an xlr/bnc Y output cable. (1/8">xlrm/bnc). Please get in touch with me if anyone happens to come across it.... Thanks!
  23. I have bought a DPA 4067 with no connector, I'd like to wire it for my zaxcom TRX900 or sennheiser sk50. As it has only two wires, how do i wire them?
  24. I am looking to get a Zaxcom ERX2TCD soon to send audio and timecode to camera (most often a RED Epic) but I am having a difficult time understanding what type of cable I will need in order to send both signals to the camera. I have a Nomad 6 and will be using the onboard Zaxnet for IFB transmission. But for the ERX onboard the camera, I am wondering if I need just a basic 1/8" cable from the ERX to the mic input on the Epic or a 1/8" from the ERX to an 1/8" and 4 pin lemo split cable or some other configuration. Also wondering if this would eliminate the need to buy/make a traditional BNC to 4 pin lemo sync cable? Any information would be very helpful.
  25. Hey guys. First time field testing my new Nomad-6. I'm in love with it, everything is intuitive and works great. I was really excited about the Write Sound Report feature. I'm assuming it writes to the primary card and not the mirror card. Is there a way to set it to send the report to the mirror card? Also, when you click on the "write report" button there really isn't any indication that something was triggered. Anyone else notice this? Thanks, -W
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