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  1. Since I am currently in cable-making readiness mode(have 200' of CA3PS26 coming from Trew and Neutricons from Markertek for my DIY breakaway cable system), I am also thinking about building a breakout for the DB-15 AES connector on my Nomad. I am looking at different cable options, this one looks quite good: http://www.gotham.ch...7_details&id=59 Has anyone yet built one of these? Managing the shields in the DB-15 looks like it will be the most "fun" part of the job... and the 15mm diameter of the cable presents a thought as to the shell of the DB-15.
  2. Hi All, My basic question: for the frequent flying mixer, do you prefer to break your sound cart and contents down into pelican cases or to use a shock absorbing rack mount case (i.e. SKB)? Details: I'm building a first proper sound cart. I'm drawn to rack-mount carts, as I like the idea of not having to build out the cart often, but open to being talked out of this. I travel for shoots as a bag based mixer an average of two weeks a month, so I'm often flying. I'm in talks to do a feature overseas and need some advice on putting together a traveling cart, but I'll also be mixing independent films in my hometown of Portland, OR. The cart will need to hold: -Zaxcom Nomad -Mix-8 -3x QRX100 + Multiplexer -Shark fins on antenna tree -IFB antenna -2x 7" monitor -Case or drawer for 6 TRX900's and DPA lavs in micro cases and 2 CMC6MK41's -2x booms -Power section (Still working this out, maybe PSC LiFE battery or just NP1's and BDS v4 or Furman, PSC Power max and marine deep cell batteries) -cables, headphones etc. I'm interested in building the cart myself out of 80/20 aluminum extrusions (thanks to Jeff Wexler for that) and have the assistance of a good friend who is a medical cart designer at Moto. Advice from anyone who has build a Chindha style sound cart or rack-mount sound cart that travels well, or has another option would be much appreciated.
  3. After running across checked my Zaxcom antennae and found them to be a little off of the correct length for my block. So I want to ask, how important is antenna length? I have two QRX receivers and some TRX transmitters. They have all operated well-enough. During my measurements I found some to be 1/4" too long, which puts them 2 blocks away according to the Zaxcom antenna length chart. The current TRX and QRX manuals show the same chart. I used precise digital calipers for the measurement. I can't say I noticed any difference now compared to before. There are so many variables that affect reception, how do I know if the antenna length was a weak point? I'd like to hear from Glenn and Larry. Mark O.
  4. Hey everyone, I have been looking into the wireless boom option and I wanted to get opinions of the people that use them. Obviously there are several ways to accomplish this, as of now I use a SD MM1 with a wireless pack attached. I've been looking at the Lectro and Zaxcom options for a wireless boom option. Currently I am using a Nomad 10 with Zaxnet, so I figured that I would purchase the 742. However, i have been told that the range on the Zaxnet for this particular item is about 10ft. Clearly this is sub-par. I love the fact that it has a micro SD card and neverclip+TC but really 10 feet? I wanted this option because I have Zaxnet, I tought it would save me money on receivers, Now I am finding out that if I buy the 742 I would be more benificial to buy another $2000 receiver, which at this time I cannot afford. So..... Can someone (Glen) please confirm this 10ft issue, and if anyone has any other opinions of a wireless boom, I'd love to hear it.
  5. Upgrading from 744t to Zaxcom Nomad. I'm leaning towards the lite as I'm used to jam synching TC via lemo periodically. Do you guys recommend purchasing the 10 over the lite initially and saving $350 plus shipping for a Zaxcom factory upgrade to Nomad 10 later if necessary? Shooting on primarily on Red and like the idea of wireless TC to maintain TC synch after reboot, but also interested in TC buddy system as a workflow down the road. Also sending wireless feed to director or scriptie could be useful, but haven't had that request during 744t days. Other benefits that Nomad 10 users have enjoyed that no Nomad lite workflow exists for? Thanks for the help!
  6. Hi All, Ok, I've seen in the version notes where remote transmitter frequency changing is supposedly possible with the Zaxcom wireless transmitters. This feature is at best undocumented beyond the rev. notes. Does it really exist, and how does one do such a thing!? I've got TRX900LAs, a 942 and IFB100 Thanks, John
  7. Shout out to my UK Soundies! Hope you're having a busy year... I'm looking at buying a wireless link to camera and could really do with some advise, please. I've found a lot of info on here and in other areas but nothing that hits the nail on the head. My question is: what frequencies are people in the UK using (and plan on using in the future) for wireless hops, given that some frequency distance is required between the hop and the adjacent receivers? I'm currently using the Audio Ltd envoy system (channel 38) and although my 4 mic RX (microns) are in the low end of the band and the hop TX is in the 22-24Mhz area, Im still getting loads of spray on my Mic RX when in the bag (no surprise as the Hz are still quite close). So, I'm wearing the hop TX on my belt and using my body as a 'RF sponge' but my range is still radically reduced. The hop TX are also on low output power, which i believe is 30mw. Now im looking at buying a hop so id like to know if there are any bands i could sneak into that are far enough away from the 606-614 band so as my hop could sit happily in the bag with the mic RX? The new zaxcom TRX900CL camera link looks perfect for me but im sure even with their attention to reducing RF spray, im still going to loose a lot of juice from my mic systems if the hop is used in the ch38 block. What are you guys & girls doing? Any advise is much appreciated. Thanks, Doug
  8. Hi, I have an AES breakout cable (terminating in XLR) for my Nomad and also the Remote Audio mixer cable for Nomad. I'm wondering if it's possible to successfully and reliably transmit an AES signal through the Remote Audio cable? It would be into a Sony XDCAM (don't have one handy for testing). I think I remember reading somewhere a good while ago that it's possible to run into problems running an AES signal through "regular" audio cables, so I wanted to check. Thanks!
  9. So I thought I should share my experience with my newly configured Zaxcom bag and how it has been performing. I took a little inspiration from Brian's "Blue Lagoon" story and also from Rado's recent article in Sound & Picture. While I was in preproduction for a show that I would be working on, I was informed that there were going to be scenes where GoPro's were going to be mounted to off-road racing cars and that they would be driving very far off into the desert, far out of the range of any wireless bag reception. In the past, they said they have simply boomed bits and pieces of the two-way radio but that it never sounded great and that it never really captured the moment of thrills because a driver can't drive and operate the radio at the same time. In this case I brought up the ability of Zaxcom wireless to record with timecode sync so it really didn't matter if the Tx's went out of range. Every time I bring this up to camera operators and producers that I'm working with for the first time, they are blown away by this. They agreed that this was definitely the way to go and were excited that it was a new way they could easily get audio regardless of where the cars drove, and capture the passion of the moment. My bag currently consists of a Nomad 12, 2 QRX's, MicPlexer, 2 TRX900LA's, and 2 TRX900LANC's. I had two Lectro SNA's feeding MicPlexer up on my harness like Rado had in the Sound & Picture article; thanks again Rado!
  10. http://www.talamas.com/page/TB/PROD/zaxcom-wireless-seminar
  11. Zaxcom now has product registration on there web site. You can register you Zaxcom product and choose to receive email updates about your gear. http://www.zaxcom.com/product-registration
  12. Check out this video shot and edited by a Zaxcom user. This was shot at NAB 2013. https://vimeo.com/64919900
  13. Not sure if there's a thread on JW already, but I bought some Zaxcom wireless on here recently and he sent me a really great case for my TRX900LAs. I figured I'd share these great cases with anyone who may be looking for a good alternate, if they lost their clip, or are searching for one as a replacement. Not to mention, it protects it as well! It fits flawlessly and doesn't get in the way of anything. You'd have to take the TRX out to change certain settings though; but who needs to do that when you have ZaxNet though, right? http://www.niteize.com/product/Executive-Series-Leather-Holster-Tall.asp Here are some photos of the case and how it fits. Enjoy! - Sessoms Here's the TRX by itself - This is the case with clip visible. Case open (Magnetic) TRX in the case. Very snug fit and doesn't get in the way of the mic input or antenna.
  14. Hello Everyone, I wanted to share my findings with cases for the ERX's. Yesterday I received a ERX2TCD from Proctor Trivette. I really loved the case he gave me with it. So I took some pics The first picture I will show are the cases I have. They are Belkin Ipod Classic 6th gen cases. Pretty nice but some issues. One being they are very tight getting off and on, no good if you need to change batteries quick. Second, it has no belt clip. The second series of pics is the new one. It is the Body Glove EZ View Universal Case. Here is a link: http://www.amazon.com/Body-Glove-View-Universal-Smartphone/dp/B004E6FVI2. Much better in my opinion. Fits nice and snug, easy access to everything and it has a belt clip. Thanks for reading.
  15. I would like to replce the spinning HDDs in my Deva caddies with SSD SATA drives. I bought some cheap IDE PATA to SATA converter boards from eBay. I have removed the HDD, fitted the converter board, and then the SanDisk SDD in one of the Deva's caddies, and fired the machine up. It fails to see the drive there, and that is as far as I have got. I know that someone on this group has done exactly what I want to do, but have searched and cannot find the post. My suspicion is that the PATA to SATA board isn't working, or is incompatible.... Does anyone here have any clues? Many thanks, Simon B
  16. I will be recording a performance this Saturday where both of my TRX900LTs are fairly certain to go out of range during performance, and stay out of range for a considerable time. It is approx a one hour performance with no stoppages and no possibility for interruptions (don't ask). I would like to have the portion that will be recorded to microSD due to dropout (the middle) be synced up automatically with the audio that I have recorded on the Nomad (ie the start and end of the performance). Is this possible? If so, what are the steps for achieving this? I can't seem to find it in the manual. Also, should I choose AutoJam or AutoLoad on TRXs and Nomad? I will be hitting record once when both performers (on separate boats) are in range and hitting stop when they come back to shore. What other settings should I be careful to choose/avoid for this unusual and risk-riddled task to ensure that TRXs definitely record, and do so in a way that i can sync them back up with Nomad material? Many Thanks
  17. Howy just posted 5.0 on the Zaxcom Forum. 5.0 has MP3 suport.
  18. Hey Super Friends! I need your help. I bought these: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/766107-REG/Remote_Audio_BCSHSEBC_BCSHSEBC_Communication_Headset_with.html And this adapter: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=orderHistory&A=details&Q=&sku=766113&is=REG I set it all up on my Fusion. Plugged it in power it. Tested it all out, sounds great. I bought it so I can talk to my Boom Op. I decided to set up my IFB100 and see how it sounded on my ERX's. There is a bad high pitch noise on the ERX's. And now on my Fusion as well. I played around with everything. Different power, different inputs, settings, everything. I am using a BDS system. The Fusion is powered on its own and so is the BDS. I don't think its the power. When I put the mic on the headset near the antenna of the IFB100 it gets worse. The only solution is to keep the two apart as much as possible. But with my current cart set up its tricky to do. Anyone else experience this? Ideas? Any suggestions would be badass.
  19. I'm doing sound for a documentary and I'm considering using a QRX or RS900 on a Red One as camera hops. I would like to know if anyone has experience powering them from a Red One specifically. How well does it work (if at all), how do the camera batteries fare, and what do camera operators think about it? Are there better options than camera powering? Or should I just go with a scratch track from an IFB like a Lectro IFB-R1a or Zaxcom ERX? I'd like to provide my two track mix to camera for editorial and there will be situations where I don't want to tether. I've read the thread about externally powering a QRX: I don't do wireless hops very often so I don't know if it's worth my time and money to invest in a dedicated external power solution for the QRX. Mark O.
  20. I did some location audio many years ago but have spent most of my career in post. Some of my clients, unhappy with their location audio talked me into getting back in. I'm having fun. I have a bag with an SD302, Lectro UM400 & LMA feeding a Lectro SRa, Comtek 216s. I'm building a bag cart and anticipate 95% of my time will be sitting at the cart. Most of my output goes to a DSLR. I thought I'd upgrade a little and am looking at a 664 vs Nomad 10. If I purchase the Nomad it will be because of size (for the bag) and the network. It looks like a compact, efficient system. Zaxnet is attractive but I don't to want buy new reliability problems. So, I would appreciate any comments on general reliability of the Sound Devices vs. Zaxcom mixer/recorders and Zaxcom vs. Lectrosonics wireless systems. Interested in quick comments as to failure rates and performance on the job. Thanks!
  21. Hey all, I recently had to send my Nomad back to factory for phantom issues and the screen upgrade and since it's returned, I've been having issues with the fader nobs. They're only affecting the output levels. I often work in situations where I'm recording only in unit and not sending any audio out, so having full control on the inputs/card records is particularly important to me. I had just gotten an upgrade code so they changed it from a 4 to a Light at the factory (not sure if that may be relevant). It came back with firmware that kept freezing on me, so I downgraded it to 4.22, factory reset, and still had issues- I reverted to 3.13 (which I never had any issues with), and then tried 4.42, all with factory resets and all with the same issue. I can still adjust individual track gain in the setting menus, but faders are only affecting output levels. My fader assigns are also the way I've always had them, with fader 1 assigned with A to track 1, etc. I have no idea if there's a setting if I'm overlooking, or if something wonky may have happened at the shop. Zaxcom is still closed for an extended holiday, so I'm scrambling to get this figured out before a job on Sunday. I've posted to the Zaxcom forums as well, but any input would be appreciated! -Alison
  22. I am having an issue with my trx900la, where it seems to have reverted to lower power transmission options. I was in recording mode and the units' battery died. In the past when the batteries have died, I've had transmitters that would not display anything on the QRX but still had something on the transmitter display as if it was in low power standby. This time nothing displayed and the unit was completely off. When I put new batteries into it, there was an error screen that came up. Unfortunately I do not remember what the actual message was. I cycled the power twice and then the unit booted into what appeared to be the normal boot sequence, but upon further inspection it had reset all settings, including frame rate, and all of the zaxnet control options. As I was scrolling through the extended menu, I noticed that the TX Power menu was different and now it only has the options of 10MW, 25MW, and 50MW instead of 25MW, 50MW, and 125MW. I was running version 7.81 of the firmware and I tried re-updating to that firmware but nothing changed within the TX Power Extended Menu screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  23. I'll be receiving my Nomad Lite this week and start a show in 2 weeks. I've gone through all the Youtube videos and followed the forums but was hoping to get any tips from guys/gals that are using these machines daily. Quirks, bugs, setups, things to avoid and so on. Thanks in advance.
  24. I guess the biggest change for the audio side of things at NAB could arguably be wireless timecode. The Timecode buddy made a big splash in the waters. Timecode over wifi!? Wahoo! But Ambient did the same thing - currently, it doesn't speak to Idevices mind you but with their new firmware speaking to each of the ACL204's and it functioning properly I'm sure the next software update will speak to Idevices and their timecode app. Then of course - Zaxcom Nomad and their ERX1TCD's - do a similar thing. The ERX1TCD can serve as both "comtek" and/or timecode receiver. The cool thing here is on drop out, the ERX1TCD is also a generator so it continues its timecode. And guess what? All on a wifi 2.4ghz signal. Could Zaxcom not build an app for the Ipad? Technically pricing is relatively similar. So which is the better system and why? Why go with one over the other? Is wifi a reliable transmission? It sure is nice to not have to re-jam every three hours. Anybody have any experience and recommendations? What features make one better?
  25. Since Nomad is now shipping, and since all the other Nomad threads are several pages long - I think it is time to start a new thread. Perhaps in this thread users can post their thoughts, impressions, issues, likes and dislikes. So let me start with a post about the the flexibility of Nomad - this is taken from a shoot that I did yesterday. We were shooting three people, unscripted, sitting at a table of a restaurant interacting with each other. There were 4 cameras - one on sticks, two on dolly's and one on a jib. There was one close up camera on each of the three subjects and a master wide. Primary audio will be taken from the camera rolls, and back up tracks delivered on a CF card. Production wanted channel 1 of each CU camera to have the iso track of the person they were shooting and channel 2 to have a mix. The wide shot had an iso of the "main" character and channel 2 as a mix as well. In addition to feeding 4 cameras I had to feed a mono mix to a DVD burn, feed a Comek transmitter and feed an hardline headphone DA located in an adjacent room. I also had to record a time-coded MP3 for transcript, as well as record WAV iso tracks, for back-up. In the past this setup would have been quite involved and required several pieces of additional hardware. But I was able to accomplish all of this with just Nomad, no splitters, no DA's and no sub mixers. In just a few minutes I routed what I needed to go where via the output matrix and I was good to go. And Nomad has enough outputs that with all of this I still had an available unused XLR output. Furthermore I was also able to independently monitor mono returns from each of the 4 cameras. Jack
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