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Found 11 results

  1. Hi guys I've been always struggling with my cheap H1 recorder's noise floor when recording nature and low spl sources, lately I worked on a method that gave me pretty good results, and wanted to share it with you and see if someone already tried it, if not I'll be glad to get your feedback. -Search for the quietest bedroom you can find, with a large closet with a lot of cloths. -Start the Rec on your H1 at 75 gain and put the recorder between layers of cloths, (Record 30 seconds, beware of cloth rustle) -Import the audio files to your DAW. -Use RX Spectral Denoiser to learn from the noise sample. -Select the clips and apply the noise reduction profile, quality set to Best and artifact smoothing set to 5. -Play with the threshold and reduction until you get rid of the noise and not introduce any artifacts to the sound. I can Include samples and screenshots if you are interested in this method, as I said I'll love to know what you think and have a good day
  2. New one from Zoom Zoom LiveTrak L-12
  3. Hello All, I would like to know if it's possible to get cleaner audio from a lav receiver to a Zoom H4N/H6? Is it possible to plug a 1/4 plug from the lav to the Zoom instead of the XLR to get better audio? Thank you.
  4. Spurred on by wild curiosity, and a general interest in silly things, I bought the Zoom Q8 camera a little while ago. My primary motivation was to buy something I could take with me traveling. I also kind of rationalized the purchase by telling myself I could use it as a back-up recorder, the sheer silliness of which becomes apparent the moment you hold the thing in your hands and contemplate trying to fit it in a sound bag. Form factor aside, it records sound just as well as other Zoom products like the H4N and the H5. Perhaps my biggest pet peeve is that the stock XY mic capsule that it comes equipped with doesn't have any kind of shock mount like the XYH-5 capsule that the H5 comes equipped with. Handling noise is a problem if you hand-hold the camera. I dropped a couple extra bucks on a little gorilla pod arm to hold it from, and that solved the issue nicely. There's more play than I'd like in the pivot-arm that connects the mic to the body, but other than that the build quality is totally on par for a device at this price point. The camera is wild. It's got an f 2.0 / 16.6mm lens, which puts the FOV in GoPro territory. It has just enough digital zoom to crop out some of the lens distortion, but this degrades the quality of the image a little bit. It's happened in some of the footage that I've shot that the camera got stuck flickering between f-stops, which was obviously annoying. I cannot recommend the Q8 for any professional purpose. All this said, it's far and away one of the most fun cameras I've ever used. It's great for traveling, and general lifestyle/home video shooting. It's great for capturing a moment at a party, or on a bar patio - situations where crafting an image isn't as important as just seeing and hearing everyone you're sharing that moment with. When I pass this thing around to my film buddies they all fall in love with it the moment they get their hands on it. Additionally, you can plug it in to you computer via USB and it becomes an excellent webcam. That's my experience with it so far. Perhaps not the greatest investment, but absolutely worthwhile for any soundie look for a fun gadget to play with for personal shooting.
  5. Hello all! So, the Zoom PCF-8 bag for the Zoom F8 recorder.. Looks ok. I'm probably going to be using AA's as a power source so I'd like to be able to swap them out quickly and easily. However, if you look at the underneath of the PCF-8, it has a strip of black material preventing you from accessing the battery door and removing the sled. Weird. What's the point of that? See attached. Happy enough to delete it with a stanley knife I guess, but I prefer to start hacking / modifying my gear when it's a few years old, not when I've just bought it :o) If I'm missing something simple, do share. Cheers, Stuart.
  6. Hey lovelies, sorry I've been lurking lately and less than vocal, buuuut What are y'all thoughts on the zoom h6? I'm thinking about it as a backup/second recording unit, primarily for those situations where I need to have a lower profile than my standard bag can provide, or where I'm expected to both record from a board feed and need to be a roaming unit at the same time. I do a lot of documentary run and gun, so these situations pop up enough that I'm willing to spend a couple hundred on making my life easier. Initially I was leaning towards the Tascam dr-100mkll, but the 4 xlr inputs on the h6 are a little tempting (though I'm pretty sure I'd just use my beloved nomad for anything over 3). I realize the zoom is well into the "prosumer" genera regarding quality of recordings and I've read a few reviews regarding preamps and noise and whatnot, but my main concerns for what I need from it are physical. The xlrs don't lock, and the control nobs don't lock either and don't have any sort of a protective covering- I'm expecting to occasionally have it in a non-audio bag and I'm concerned about controls getting tousled around. The tascam locks and most of the controls are internal, so I'm imagining it can take more of a thrashing. Has anyone used the zoom6 or have any input?
  7. Hi wonderful JW members! It's been a little while since I posted on here and I wanted to start by thanking everyone for the wonderful resource this forum is. I want to start a conversation about the pros/cons of small portable recorders to be paired with DSLR or other cameras for lower budget or "one man band" type shoots. I'd love to hear people's opinions and experiences with recorders in this market. Specifically I am thinking of 3 recorders that are out right now: The Tascam DR-60D (which has a great thread started by Tom Duffy and a review by Ty Ford ), the Zoom H6 (which has a short discussion that is mostly negative ), and the Fostex DC-R302 (which has a great thread has some negative comments mixed in with small positive reviews). I guess I'll start with my thoughts and see where that takes us. This thread is for a decent, compact recorder to be used for OMB type purposes. I wouldn't put a budget cap on this, more a size cap/cam compatibility. I'd be willing to spend close to $1,500 if there were a very compact pro recorder that was easily paired with DSLRs. (I also preface all of this in saying I am primarily a DP/Op and in every single case I am able, I hire a sound professional to accompany me. This is for those other times.) I used to record with a Sound Devices 702 and it (for me) was an amazing, durable, very simple and intuitive recorder. I dream that SD would put out a mini-702 to pair with DSLRs, but I digress. My thoughts on... - Tascam DR-60D: I don't think it has the worst form factor, but definitely not great. I personally would never put this thing under my camera on a tripod (it is way too high and would make operating more difficult and would not be conducive to switching to handheld quickly.) If I imagine using this (or really any of these recorders) I would probably mount it behind camera on 15mm rods. It seems still a little tall here, but I could deal. I am most concerned with the "zipper effect" I've read about from adjusting trim while rolling. I would also love to hear more thoughts on this unit's pre-amps. - Zoom H6: I always hated (and thus never owned) a Zoom H4N. I thought they were frankly crap recorders that were not easy to use or effectively monitor levels. This recorder seems a step up, but still not really geared the same way towards using with a DSLR setup. I am very worried about the quality of the preamps on this guy. It also is a bit weird to use with a DSLR. I would probably take off the top console and mount it behind the camera on rods. This would actually lay flatter than the Tascam behind the camera, but the form factor is so weird that having cords run from 2 directions may be crappy. - Fostex DC-R302: My main concern here is the fact that it is the only recorder of the 3 that does not record 3 individual tracks for 3 mics. 3 channel mixer - 2 channel recorder. Since a semi-common scenario is 2 lavs & a boom, this is a problem. It is flatter than the Tascam, so I may debate actually putting it below camera, but it still seems a little heavy and big. The big question is are the pre-amps that much better than the Tascam & the H6 to warrant the price jump (almost double)? I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on these recorders or definitely suggestions of other recorders that may work. This is a piece of gear that I absolutely need very soon, but seem pretty distressed with all of my options.
  8. Hi, I understand there have been a few topics on these, but I think mostly they've been about using them for recording dialogue etc through mixers and external mics. So here's one regarding the sound quality of built-in mics. This coming February I'm taking a three week trip to Vietnam, Thailand and probably Cambodia in between. Now, obviously I'd love to record all these cool exotic sounds and atmos you find in locations like that, but since it's a holiday, I probably won't want to risk bringing my pro equipment (like a 302), which would attract attention, be a bit heavy and unpractical to carry around etc etc. So it'll probably be handheld recorders. I own a Zoom H4 (not H4n) and a Zoom H2n. What I would like to know is if you know about a recorder you know has substantially better sound quality with the internal mics (signal to noise ratio, stereo imaging etc). Also, does someone have any experience with the Rode Stereo Videomic Pro? I'm also wondering if that might up the quality when recording into the H2n, instead of using the internal mics?
  9. Hey Guys, I know you all with cringe at the site of this on jwsound, but I'm CURIOUS if anyone has tried out the Zoom R16 as a recorder for low budget film making? (Ether On It's Own or with Boom Recorder?). http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/R16/ I realize it's a plastic piece of cheap recorder but it would have it's uses.
  10. Behold: http://zoom.co.jp/news/article/451 At first I was afraid, I was petrified. Kept thinking I could never.. ehm rhyme something with petrified and equpiment accessories, But then I spent so many nights thinking How could I turn this accessory pack to my advantage And I grew strong, and I learned how to get along But seriously, This is kinda like "A little late perhaps". And it's going to make "DPs" think they can do sound simultaneously as producing "great images". BUT Now we have a Zoom Official Accessory Pack to use on these shoots. How is this good? Well, for starters, now there's actually an affordable recorder that people KNOW and USE that can be used in a GOOD way to maintain sync in at least two places on a DSLR camera. There's the crappy internal recording on the camera that's a replica of the material recorded on the Zoom, that's merely a mix of what we feed the Zoom. Simple. Cheap. We now have a possibility of saying: "since the Zoom goes on the camera, we can't use it. The only way is to feed it from a mixer/recorder." It is now reduced to being a feeder box to the DSLR. Which I think is GOOD. In a way... Yeah sure many of these lowball jerks will probably think now they can have everything at the camera. And noone will hire us anyway.. whatever.. I just think this might be one step into making them realize they need us, and they might have a Zoom H4n, well I have this accessory pack that we can use so I can use my equipment with the Zoom, and you get the same mixdown in two secure places, in the camera and on the Zoom. Could work. I dunno. I'm having some internal struggle as well... What do you think?
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