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Found 1 result

  1. Hi there, I would like here to share with you my experiences working with the combination of the SD633 mixer and the IFB200 Transceiver and especially the interference issues i had with. First of all, i must say that the SD633 and IFB200 are fantastic tools. The engineering behind the SD633 is huge as is the potential of the IFB200. But, the combination of this two devices is not as stress-free as we could most of as expect. Indeed, it is obvious to me today that, the SD633 and the MixPreD (witch are the two only mixers i tested until now) are not very tolerant in 2.4GHz radiations... The gear is sitting into a Petrol PS607 bag one next to each other with only the soft orange separator between them. (Photo) The kind of noise you can here is like digital disturbances of a GSM phone. It seems that the SD633 is very sensitive to the proximity AND direction of the omni 2.4GHz antenna of the IFB200. This noise is recorded when you press REC. This noise is present in the input stages only. The audio example is the Mix-L out, antenna pointing the Gain (@12 o'clock) of CH1, fader @ 12 o'clock. This phenomena is amplified when: 1: When you pointing the 2.4GHz antenna to the Gain or the fader pots 2: When you are on a closed reflective space 3/ When you are close to a reflective surface You can minimize this phenomena by: 1: Decrease the transmission power of the IFB200 (there is an issue about that, that you can read on a special topic) 2: Move the antenna far away from the mixer (the solution i adopted) 3: Chose open spaces to closed ones... ;-) In practice, you have to be always very careful about that since this noise can come and go... Not very reassuring i suppose... For me, moving the antenna was the only serious option. For that, i used a 15cm extension of a SMA-M to SMA-F coax cable. I have a 50cm extension too for a harness installation of the antenna. Hope this will help. Cheers.
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