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Found 1 result

  1. We are starting to include 25 mg (tiny amount) of silver conductive paste in a teensy vial, with all SM series transmitters. This is to be used on the thumbscrew for the battery cover plate. We have been applying a 1 mg (very tiny) speck of this silver conductive paste to all SM's manufactured in the past year. The reason for the conductive paste is to reduce the slight voltage drop between the thumbscrew threads and the case threads. As this drop is reduced, less battery power is used to overcome this drop and more is available to power the transmitter. As the thumbscrew is loosened and tightened while replacing batteries, the silver in the paste is forced into the microscopic pores in the metal of the threads and improves the conductivity. We recommend cleaning and re-applying the paste every 6 months. Like oil changes, change more often in dusty conditions. Complete instructions for cleaning the threads and applying a speck of paste are included with the vial. We will also send some extra vials of silver paste to our dealers at no charge when requested. For previously purchased SM series transmitters, you can pick up a vial at a dealer. Since one vial will do many transmitters, there is no need to request multiple vials. For those with 25 or more SM's, feel free to take two vials or even three. For the first few years of production of the SM series, a little bit of white grease was put on the thumbscrew threads. Nobody really knows why except it seemed reasonable. Unfortunately, the white grease is non-conductive and it picks up dust which is also non-conductive. In the worst cases it can reduce battery life by 50%. The first thing to do is to remove the old lubricant with a clean cloth and clean Q-tip. This will generally greatly improve conductivity and battery life just by itself. Then apply a pin head speck of silver paste on the second thread from the end according to the instructions and pictures. Best Regards, Larry Fisher Lectrosonics
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